University students fight for their rights as Turkey cracks down on LGBT activism

The fight for equality in Turkey continues, by James Bowers

Implications of the Pandemic Era on Human Security and the rise of EVD in the Dominican Republic of Congo

Current human security challenges in the DRC, by Courtney Bridges

Captain Tom, “Perseverance Porn” and Journalistic Responsibility

An exploration of what the death of Captain Sir Thomas Moore has highlighted, by Joshua Butler

February: what to celebrate

An uplifting article about the positives of this February, by Charis Owen

Trump Turns to Endorsing ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Trump’s recent actions in the wake of the election, by Courtney Bridges

What’s happening in Myanmar?

The current crisis in Myanmar, by Thea Drake

The Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch Now

Some LGBTQ+ recommendations, by Thea Drake

Marsha P. Johnson and the Stonewall Riots

Johnson’s LGBTQ+ activism, by Emily Downie

Royal Holloway’s Partial Accommodation Refunds

What Royal Holloway have done so far to help students during lockdown, by Jordan Thorne

My first week working as an UberEATS courier in Egham

What it’s like to work for UberEATS, by Rhys Jones

The Cancer in K-pop

Trigger warning: mentions of abuse and suicide What comes to mind when you think of Korean popular music or as most of us know it, K-pop? Intricate choreographies, Stan Twitter, dedicated fandoms, BTS? Not that long ago, I would have rattled off a similarly vague list. But now, after researching the industry, my list looks […]

Commercial (Oops, I mean Valentine’s) Day

Valentine’s commercialisation of love, by Bridget O’Sullivan

My hair is none of your concern

A discussion about society’s reactions to Black hair, by Elizabeth Ajao

It’s Still A Sin?

A look at LGBTQ+ education in the UK, by Finn Murphy

Homelessness- England’s Hidden Pandemic?

The extremity of homelessness in England and what is needed to help, by Rupert Gibson

The Rise of Galentine’s Day

An alternative Valentine’s Day to celebrate with your friends, by Renée Lewis

The Art of the Cose-a-thon – /ˈkəʊz-ə-θɒn/

How to get cosy, by Thom Cuffin-Munday

Narcissism and Gaslighting: Love Shouldn’t Feel Like This

Hidden signs of abuse in relationships, by Harriet Hallam

Experiences with Meditation

An illuminating interview on meditation, by Elena McCaffrey

Are we really here? What is existence? My existential journey…

A journey of existentialism with a surprisingly optimistic conclusion, by Thom Cuffin-Munday

Painting Plagues: How Artists Have Portrayed Pandemics Throughout History

An analysis of pandemic-themed art, by Natasha Brooks

From Wiz Khalifa to The Wellerman: An Interview with Nathan Evans

The ripples of Nathan Evans, Scotland’s most famous post worker, by George Potter

The Art of the Playlist

The joy of organising music, by Jordan Thorne

American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story by Kevin Abstract

A review of Kevin Abstract’s 2016 album, by Chloe Boulton

Must-Read Poetry Collections by LGBT+ Writers

Five collections focused on LGBTQ+, by Jack Wright and Reena Bakir

Happy Earth Day!

Part 1 of DNA’s blog posts for their week-long Transcending Taboo event, by Linus Holmes


Part 2 of DNA’s blog posts for their week-long Transcending Taboo event, by Rosie Cannon

Bicycle Day

Part 1 of DNA’s blog posts for their week-long Transcending Taboo event, by Isabelle Koch

The Editors try… to feel the love in lockdown

How to keep it romantic with your loved ones in lockdown, by Owen Williams

LGBTQ+ Sports Personalities

Five of the most prominent and influential LGBTQ+ people in sport, by Claudia Hall

Super Seducer

Why you should NOT play Super Seducer, by Alex Whiteman

LGBTQ, Across the World

An emotional discussion of LGBTQ+, by Rida Haider

Are Plants More Human Than We Know?

The similarities between plants and humans, by Natalie Burnett

Vaccines and Immunity: What you need to know

An explanation of COVID-19 vaccines, by Ellie Matthews

KFConsole: The Games Console / Chicken Heater That Exists For Some Reason

A game console like no other, by Alex Whiteman

Two short poems: Our Little Secret and Petals

By Mercedes-Georgia Mayes

Two short poems: Her name is anxiety and… Nathaniel

By Hannah Armour


By Emily Black

Letter from Farishta

By Abhishek Udaykumar.

like the others

A poem by Abhishek Udaykumar.

Year Abroad Experiences

Two students share their experiences of studying/working abroad as part of their course at RHUL.

The Joy of Student Tours: why you should make the most of joining a society

Eleanor Clark talks student tours, and her experience on History society’s trip to Athens and Absolute Harmony’s tour to Malta.

Lovely local locations

So you’ve arrived at Royal Holloway and maybe you’re feeling a bit cheated. University of London? As if; we’re in the middle of Surrey! Even though we’re only 40 minutes away so the big city is very much within reach, there are some gorgeous natural spots and places to visit closer to home too. At […]

Our Brave New World?

FCO Ambassador James Reynolds offers his advice on travelling in the current climate.

FCO Ambassador: Keep Calm & Carry On

As an FCO Ambassador, James Reynolds offers his advice regarding COVID-19 and travel during this difficult time.