UCU Announces 8 Day Strike Affecting 60 Universities

Two days ago the day this article was written the University and College Union announced eight days of strike starting this month, which will affect 60 universities across the country including Royal Holloway. The strike will take action between Monday 25th of November to Wednesday 4th of December. The action has been called in response […]

39 Found Dead Inside Lorry Container

39 people, now revealed to be Chinese migrants, have been found dead in the back of a lorry in Essex.

Ceiling Panel Collapse Sends One Student To Hospital

A ceiling panel in Tommy’s Lounge was pulled down on Monday evening causing injury to one student.

Katie Hopkins’ Visit To Royal Holloway Cancelled Amidst Security Concerns

The former Daily Mail columnist and who made her name in the mainstream through a campaign of vitriolic language regarding feminism, Ramadan and most famously the migrant crisis was invited to speak at the University.

Man Arrested In Connection With Stabbing in Englefield Green

Surrey Police are investigating a suspected stabbing in Englefield Green on Friday evening.

Make your mark and register to vote this Autumn!

With a General Election approaching on December 12 Orbital and the Students’ Union have teamed up to remind you to vote!

Books That Matter

Becca Bashford tells us about the feminist book subscription box we all should have, Books That Matter, and interviews its founder.

#GiveYourselfAPec: A Brand New Mental Health Campaign to deal with Academic Stress

Modupe Reis writes about her new mental health campaign, designed to combat exam stress and help us all to take better care of ourselves.

Debrief: Dr. Amy Tooth-Murphy

Becca Bashford interviews Royal Holloway’s very own queer historian, Amy Tooth-Murphy.

Royal Holloway’s Dance Society and Varsity

Francesca Tyer interviews Amy Waterhouse, president of Rhul Dance Society, about the society’s role in Varsity

RHSU Releases Statement Announcing ‘No Platform’ Referendum In Light Of Katie Hopkins Debacle

It was leaked on Wednesday evening, via Twitter, that Katie Hopkins had been invited by Debating Society to speak at an event, this coming Friday (18/10/19). At 12:25 on Thursday the SU released a statement confirming that the event had been cancelled due to safety concerns.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: LGBT service In The Military’s Violent Role Reversal.

In light of Donald Trump’s new ban on Transgender people in the military, Abel Fenwick explores the long and complicated relationship between the LGBTQ community and the military.

Deleting lad-culture from Campus

In light of the scandalous Warwick University group chat, Rachel Hains questions the university’s response and the potential impact on campuses throughout the country.

Brexit: The Wheels Are Falling Off the Bus

As the 29th March looms into view Parliament has been left looking like a student who is doing all their holiday work the night before it is due.

Let’s Talk: Endometriosis

As Endometriosis awareness month begins, Rachel Hains explores this relatively unknown medical condition and why anybody with a uterus should be made aware of it.

Snapchat Faces More Problems During Month of Turmoil

Popular social media giant Snapchat has gone down during an extremely problematic month as it faces frequent issues.

WedderBURN Is Burning Down

Whether it’s due to students burning their food, showering with their door open, smoking in the lifts or even, recently, spraying deodorant into a sensor.

Let’s get it on

Orbital’s lifestyle team explore four people’s sexual wants and desires.

Bring it 2019

Here’s what we should bring into 2019 and what we never want to see again.

Changing the rules of workwear: a photoshoot with RHUL’s Fashion Society

Lifestyle editors Chloe Hill and Holly Feeny organised a photo-shoot celebrating women’s workwear with RHUL’s fashion society. Here, Chloe gives a brief overview. Photo credit: Emily Bradbury.

Junk Junk Junk: A Review

Isobel Clarke offers her take on the latest from The Student Workshop – A production so nice, you say it thrice!

Review of A Night at the Theatre: A Night of Riotous Fun

Ezra James Fiddimore explains why Royal Holloway’s celebratory evening of theatricality was nothing short of a triumph.

As anti-gay torture continues, we need to pay attention to Chechnya

Maria Green reports on the horrifying persecution of LGBT+ individuals in Chechnya.

Lily Parr: the lesbian football icon I didn’t know I needed

Maria Green discusses the female football legend Lily Parr.

10 films and TV shows that would be better if they were gay

Maria Green tells us about the media which could have benefited from a little queering

Varsity: Archery Interview

Chloe Hill interviews RHUL’s Archery coach, Alex Cordaro, to see how the team are preparing for their first ever Varsity!

Hanging up the Racket: saying goodbye to Andy Murray

Hefina Everard talks about the legacy Andy Murray leaves as he says goodbye to tennis

Royal Holloway Men’s Football Charity Campaign

Hefina Everard talks to Jack Colman, VP of Men’s Football, about their focus on raising awareness and money for the charities, ‘Mind’ and ‘Movember’.

‘This Girl Can’, and she will!

With the birth of a new campaign, Hefina Everard explores more into the newest phase of the ‘This Girl Can’ movement and how it can inspire women here at Royal Holloway.

It’s Time to Find Your ‘Thing’

Hefina Everard tells you why you should try out a Sports Club or Society here at RHUL.


Alexander Clark examines the positive and negative effects of drones and how they might shape our future.

The Death of the Kepler Satellite

The Kepler satellite was shut down last week, having operated for 5 years longer than its mission brief. During its lifetime it detected more than 2,500 exoplanets with another 3000 candidates awaiting confirmation, and it will have a profound legacy.

Life is a Battlefield

Samantha Davis discusses the recent controversy surrounding the upcoming release of Battlefield V and the #notmybattlefield movement


A look into Deepfake technology and its effects

Marijuana as Medicine

Catherine Lithgow discusses how specialised doctors are now able to prescribe cannabis-based products to patients who can prove their eligibility.