October 2020: Diversity Issue

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Freshers’ Issue 2020

November 2017

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September 2017

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June 2017

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Chris Williamson: Debating Society caught in furore over invite to former MP

Niamh Smith reports on Debating Society’s invitation of Chris Williamson MP and the resulting furore.

New at Royal Holloway 2020/21

Courtney discusses what’s new at Royal Holloway in light of the pandemic restrictions.

Freshers’ Tech Guide

Jake Little guides us through the tech on campus for an easy transition for freshers into University life.

The Study Abroad Situation for 2020/21

James sheds some light on the situation for students that were hoping to study abroad this year.

BBC Proms U-turn on ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Rule Britannia’

Courtney discusses the controversy surrounding the BBC Proms this year.

Acknowledging White Privilege

Thea and Renée discuss white privilege in light of the BLM protests.

Freshers’ Festival

Thea writes about what to expect at the Freshers Festival at our university.

From Home to Halls

Emily offers advice to Freshers about moving from home to halls.

You’ve got a friend in me

Jordan and Thom give some advice on how to help friends with mental health problems.

Working from home like a pro

Tiger-Lily shares the latest tips and tricks for being productive at home.

The Teen Drama Genre: Normal or Abnormal People?

Bridget comments on some teen dramas to get through lockdown.

Expelling J.K Rowling from Hogwarts: Is it possible?

Finn comments on the recent issues surrounding J K Rowling.

Eating Disorders in COVID Times

Bridget discusses the issue of eating disorders through lockdown.

The Cuts of Life

Comment Editor Bridget O’Sullivan reflects on life and lockdown, and how to embrace mediocrity.

Black Lives Matter.

Rachel Hains offers her thoughts on the recent protests in America, as well as the difficulties black people face here in the UK.

The Rise of TikTok

Francesca Benvenutto discusses the growing popularity of TikTok.

Making New Friends At University During the Pandemic

Renée gives some advice on how to meet people and make friends given current restrictions.

Twilight Is The Reason For All My Troubles In Love

Elena explores the unrealistic and unhealthy representations of love in the Twilight saga.

How Crochet and Embroidery Saved Me

Elena McCaffrey explains how crafts have given her a renewed purpose and happiness in life.

Getting through a breakup at RHUL

Leonie Jenkins offers advice for getting through a breakup at our small campus uni.

This month’s album review: Limbo – Aminé – 7/10

Rupert Gibson brings us his album review of the month, looking at Aminé’s Limbo.

An Introduction to Music at Royal Holloway

Clarissa Philpott introduces us to the music opportunities at our university.

Royal Holloway Introducing…

Clarissa introduces Miriam Endersby and Alex Smith, up and coming musicians at Royal Holloway.

The Ultimate Freshers Playlist

Rupert Gibson’s Ultimate Freshers Playlist.

Artist of the Month: The Clay Drop (Jessica Moore)

Safia presents us with the artist of the month: Jessica Moore!

‘Our Voices’ Interview

An interview with Royal Holloway’s magazine Our Voices for BAME creatives

The Editors Try… Keto

Owen Williams records his and Claudia’s journey on the Keto diet, in the first of an Editors Try series.

Spotlight on LGBT+ society

Jordan interviews members of the LGBT+ society to ask some questions for our students.

Spotlight on Liberal Arts Society

Jordan interviews Liberal Arts soc Evie for an insight into the society.

Bring Back the Bees by Planting Trees!

Natasha Mae explores why we should all be using Ecosia in the future.

Freshers’ Tech Guide

Jake Little guides us through the tech on campus for an easy transition for freshers into University life.

Fact from Fiction: COVID 19

Mitchell Bettell discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and its representation in the media, and explains safety precautions we can take.

COVID-19: The Science of Coronaviruses

Ellie enlightens us to the science of COVID-19.

Esports and Accessibility; A Conversation with Royal Holloway’s Games Society

Alex discusses the esports community on campus whilst in conversation with Royal Holloway’s Game Society

Lockdown Gamer and Proud

Ellie describes her experiences of gaming throughout Lockdown.

Washed Away

I cannot swim, but I grew up beside the water’s edge. I fell in love by the riverside, feet dangled over the ledge. Then I flew  across the ocean; an insurmountable wedge between us. And so now I float on life by the lake, waiting always  to find myself awake, not by the water, wherever […]

Breaking Writer’s Block: Advice From RHUL’s Creative Writers

Reena Bakir and Writing Society offer their advice on breaking the inevitable writer’s block.

EARTH: Flash Fiction Contest Winners

Ezra Fiddimore reveals the winners of Orbital’s Flash Fiction Contest.

Lunar Cycles

A poem by Shloka Ramachandran.

Pen to Paper

Illuminations “It’s not like stopping for McDonalds twice in one trip would be a bad thing.”   Anna rolled her eyes, turning slightly in her seat, a trace of fond exasperation gracing her features. She was unsurprised when her gaze met the back of Riya’s dark, disheveled hair. The younger woman’s forehead was pressed firmly […]

Lovely local locations

So you’ve arrived at Royal Holloway and maybe you’re feeling a bit cheated. University of London? As if; we’re in the middle of Surrey! Even though we’re only 40 minutes away so the big city is very much within reach, there are some gorgeous natural spots and places to visit closer to home too. At […]

Our Brave New World?

FCO Ambassador James Reynolds offers his advice on travelling in the current climate.

FCO Ambassador: Keep Calm & Carry On

As an FCO Ambassador, James Reynolds offers his advice regarding COVID-19 and travel during this difficult time.

An Introduction by James Reynolds.

As part of Orbital’s collaboration with the FCO, we are thrilled to introduce you to James Reynolds. James will be working with us to help educate students about remaining safe when travelling abroad.

Sofia, so Good!

James Reynolds recounts his time in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city and explains how students can get the most out of visiting.