Emma Halahan

Street Art

Orbital Magazine’s guide to the best street art spots in London – your resource for that perfect gram.

Activism Gets A Makeover

Emma Halahan writes about the rise of artivism and its doble edged impact upon activist communities.

Everything you need to know about the UCU strikes: why and how you can support your academics.

Emma Halahan explains the UCU strike action in simple terms and details why you need to support your academics.

Review: Love Island The Musical

Tongue in cheek and not afraid to pack a punch, this year’s MTS Variations, Love Island: The Musical does not disappoint. Emma Halahan, a Variations veteran herself, reports:

Residents Versus Students?

Emma Halahan discusses the prominent Facebook group Englefield Greenies where student bashing is the norm.

Sexism Storm Surrounds Royal Holloway Principal

Exclusive: Abbie Cheeseman reports on comments Professor Layzell made when discussing Royal Holloway’s gender pay gap, which is the seventh worst in the country. Additional reporting by Emma Halahan and Michele Theil.

The Suicide Statistic: It Matters

On behalf of the RHUL Mental Health Network, Emma Halahan explains how Royal Holloway’s choice to not keep the suicide statistic is allowing our mental health crisis to keep a low profile.

Cultural Allyship: Make It Count

Emma Halahan discusses cultural appropriation in an increasingly globalised world.

A Prescription for Stigma

Mental Health Chair, Emma Halahan, discusses Panorama episode, A Prescription for Murder, and why it is sending shockwaves through the mental health community.

Five Apps that are More Productive than Binging Netflix

Emma Halahan takes you through some other ways to procrastinate this term.