Emma Halahan

Sexism Storm Surrounds Royal Holloway Principal

Exclusive: Abbie Cheeseman reports on comments Professor Layzell made when discussing Royal Holloway’s gender pay gap, which is the seventh worst in the country. Additional reporting by Emma Halahan and Michele Theil.

The Suicide Statistic: It Matters

On behalf of the RHUL Mental Health Network, Emma Halahan explains how Royal Holloway’s choice to not keep the suicide statistic is allowing our mental health crisis to keep a low profile.

Cultural Allyship: Make It Count

Emma Halahan discusses cultural appropriation in an increasingly globalised world.

A Prescription for Stigma

Mental Health Chair, Emma Halahan, discusses Panorama episode, A Prescription for Murder, and why it is sending shockwaves through the mental health community.

Five Apps that are More Productive than Binging Netflix

Emma Halahan takes you through some other ways to procrastinate this term.

So This Is Student Activism?

Emma Halahan asks what it means to be a student activist in the 21st Century and whether the student voice still counts.

Changes to the hall support programme

Emma Halahan discusses the changes being made to the hall support programme. On the 16th of May, the college announced that the Residential Support Advisor programme (RSA) would be changed significantly for the 2017/18 year. The new programme, The Hall Life Team, will include 24 Hall Life Assistants and just six Hall Life Duty Officers. […]

March 2017 Issue

Read our March 2017 issue online:

UnScene Festival: A Review

The 10 short pieces that made up Drama Socs UnScene Festival certainly packed a punch. Emma Halahan reviews a night of laughter, tears and tender moments. Ranging from spoken word to a brief improvisation by The Holloway Players, the 2016 UnScene Festival had something for everyone. Original writing at RHUL doesn’t have much of a […]

Marrow Society: An Introduction

Emma Halahan finds out more about the latest society to get ratified, Marrow, linked to the bone marrow donation charity, Anthony Nolan. 1) Congrats on getting ratified! Tell us more about your society. RHUL Marrow forms part of a wider cross country student-led network that helps raise awareness of blood and bone disorders effectively saving […]