Michele Theil

Dancing With The Stars

The Royal Hollywood Dance Show, hosted by the RHUL Dance Society, consisted of three acts of differing dance styles as well as a few musical performances, all performed to an incredible level. The Dance Society’s annual show had dances choreographed to songs from famous films across the ages with rehearsals only beginning 4 weeks ago, […]

Three Cheers for Charity

The Royal Holloway Cheerleading club were unprecedented in their most recent act of fundraising, in which they took part in a 12-hour cheer-a-thon to raise money for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. The members practiced their routines from 9am to 9pm, consistently cheering from the moment their feet touched the mats until they could […]

Reuniting Through Poetry

The Royal Holloway English PEN society hosted a poetry and speaking event on the 2nd of December that aimed to highlight the differences and similarities between the Eastern and Western worlds. According to the English PEN society, the event was about “breaking down the East/West divide, through poetry and spoken word”. The event saw several […]

Rowing to the Rescue

On the 5th of December, the members of the Royal Holloway Rowing club sat on rowing machines outside Bedford Library and aimed to row 346km, the length of the Thames river. The fundraiser was in aid of the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and the British Heart Foundation as well as the purchase of a new […]

The History Of Bedford College

Many overlook the fact that Royal Holloway’s official name is Royal Holloway and Bedford New College. Deputy Sports and Socs Editor, Michele Theil, looks into Bedford College, a more significant part of our history than most realise. Bedford College was founded by social reformer Elizabeth Jesser Reid as the first women’s university in the United […]

Brexit: The Effect On Us

‘Brexit’, the name given to the United Kingdom’s impending leave from the European Union, has and will continue to have effects not only economically, but socially too. When the vote to leave was announced, it became apparent that the majority of young people aged 18-24, particularly those studying at university, were disheartened by this result. […]