Michele Theil

Candidate Profile: Holly Hughes

Orbital Magazine interviews VP Societies and Media candidate, Holly Hughes.

Candidate Profile: Alicia Marriott

Orbital Magazine interviews VP Welfare and Diversity candidate, Alicia Marriott.

Candidate Profile: Clem Jones

Orbital Magazine interviews Presidential candidate, Clem Jones.

Candidate Profile: Georgie Cole

Orbital Magazine interviews VP Sports candidate, Georgie Cole.

Candidate Profile: Jack O’Neill

Orbital Magazine interviews VP Education candidate, Jack O’Neill.

Candidate Profile: James Kempster

Orbital Magazine interviews VP Welfare and Diversity, James Kempster.

Strike Action: Week One

Michele Theil reports from the front line on the first days of USS Strike Action.

UCU Warns of an Extension of Strike Action

Michele Theil reports that the UCU strike action could extend until the end of the current academic year.

LIVE: Vince Cable at Royal Holloway

Watch the video of Vince Cable speaking in Windsor Auditorium.

Podfasting: A Podcast Phenomenon

Michele Theil looks at ‘podfasting’, a way of consuming podcast media at increased speeds.