Stephanie Bagnall

“You saw it in the tears of those who survived” – The Grenfell Tower Mural

Deputy Editor Stephanie Bagnall reports on a new mural for the Grenfell Tower disaster.

A Throwback On Education… What Was Is It All For?

As a Fresher, it’s scary to think of this time a year ago. A level exams crept nearer and nearer and we were nervously waiting on UCAS confirmations of university offers and places. It is also scary to think of this time three years ago where our GCSEs were dawning upon us, keeping us at […]

Coming Out as a Person of Colour

The BME Network’s ‘Coming out as a person of Colour’ panel discussion event was held on the 11th of October, which was also ‘National Coming Out Day’. The panel consisted of Louisa Danquah as the BME Representative, Grace Almond (President of the Women of Colour Collective) and Sherina St John as the BME Officer of LGBT+ […]

Meet our new board member: Stephanie Bagnall

  Stephanie is a first year English and Theatre student, and our new Deputy Features Editor! She talks to our Editor, Holly Pyne, about why she joined The Orbital. Why did you choose Royal Holloway? I chose Royal Holloway because I really liked the joint honours course and being so close to London for a […]

Reporting on the Women’s Network

Giant boobs, Bra Pong, Pizza and boob-shaped cupcakes? It must be the first RHUL Women’s Network event of the year! Sarah Newell (the Women’s Officer) pulled off a marvellous ‘Safety in Numbers’ evening, allowing a platform for four very important societies; The ‘LGBT+ society’, ‘Feminism society’, ‘Women of Colour Collective’ and last but not least, […]

Question Time: A Review

Royal Holloway Question Time was held in the Windsor Auditorium on the 6th October. Organised by the Labour and Cooperative Society, the panel consisted of Richard Angell as Director of Progress, Tom Brake standing for the Liberal Democrats MP, the SU President Natasha Barrett, Claire McCarthy for General Secretary of the Cooperative Party and Michel […]