Candidate Profile: Hanna Blom

Orbital Magazine interviews VP Education candidate, Hanna Blom.

Hanna Blom, 3rd Year English, VP Education

What are your motivations for running?

I’ve been a course rep for the last 3 years and have been very involved with the SU and my department and I saw that I could make a change for my fellow students and their study experience.

What are your key manifesto points?

Study Spaces: Through my entire degree the campus was a building site and now we have been left with a shortage of space still. I want to do a review for study spaces across campus and make spare rooms bookable for studying.

Assessment Methods: I want students to have more choice over how they are assessed and ensure that there are two options for summative work so if there is a 20% task then they will get to choose between an oral presentation or an essay for example. If there are two options it will hopefully stop students being limited as to what modules they can take due to assessment methods.

Lecture Capturing: At the moment lecturers choose whether or not to record. I want all lecture theatres to have the ability to record lectures and for it to be mandatory with the ability to opt out.

Course Reps: Throughout my 3 years I have noticed that departments run and use their course rep system in very different ways. The ability for students to have their voice heard differs in every department and I want to make sure that every department operates their system similarly. I want to enforce the 46 points on the academic review but give special focus for an online platform for students and course reps to communicate.

How will lecturers have time to implement multiple assessment measures?

There are universities who already create student pathways such as Bangor who learn from them and their methods of implementation. There isn’t a one size fits all department method, so we will learn from others and try to implement adjustments.

Joint honours students experience very different and specific needs, how can you cater to them?

Joint honours need to be better represented in departments and course reps, so I want there to be clear points of contact for joint honours. I would like to ensure staggered deadlines for all students but especially joint honours and if we were able to pick deadline dates from a select few it would be easier on students.

What would you have done better as VP Education this year?

I think that Clem has done a fantastic job and his greatest legacy is his report and the next sabbs can implement the recommended changes. The biggest issue is the library and it needs to be focused on more and I think that Postgraduates have been especially hard done by and its ridiculous and it was something that needs more focus.