Candidate Profile: Laurence Smither

Orbital Magazine interviews President candidate, Laurence Smither

Laurence Smither, 3rd Year Media Arts, President

What are your motivations for running?

I think the SU is bad and I feel that I can change that. I came to university with the idea of coming into an academic community and I don’t feel that the SU facilitates this.

What are your key manifesto points?

Individuality: We need to champion this on campus we are not a number you are a person. To do this I think we should burn down the statue of Colossus. I think Colossus is a symbol of Royal Holloway greed and spending and we should be championing our alumni instead like Lenny Henry, Katie Tunstall, Example.

Insect eating schemes: I read that they are using cockroaches in bread now for protein. I flirt with vegetarianism now and again so we could all share recipes.

Diversity in Nightlife: Things like Scratch are great as they let people perform but we can do some more music options and enhancing student talent.

I have a few other manifesto points but they change weekly.

How would you burn Colossus? Is this a fire hazard?

I did think about the fire hazard, I do now believe that I would do it perhaps in Founders Square as it is more ceremonial. I am against arson.

What would you have done better this year as President of the SU?

That is a good question and to be honest I didn’t really follow it. I am new to the SU scene, just he average Laurence, who works at the library and is not part of any societies-  and that is what I would have done better, to get people like me involved with the SU.

How so?

Diversity, we have all these societies and they are excellent but there are people who fall through the cracks so we should enable people to be creative and go to night outs that aren’t homogenised.

So for example someone is a writer but doesn’t want to join the Orbital, what would you do?

I would actually marginalise societies and run SU top down competitions. That way we can champion student work outside of student societies. But burning down Colossus is the main manifesto point.