Candidate Profile: Megan Adela Goh

Orbital Magazine interviews VP Welfare and Diversity candidate, Megan Adela Goh.

Megan Adela Goh,  2nd Year Computer Science and Management, VP Welfare and Diversity

What are your motivations for running? 

I want to make RHUL an inclusive university honouring a diverse and inclusive culture from the diverse communities. Also to bring forward everyone’s ideas and campaigns that they want to introduce to the SU.

What are your key manifesto points?

Equality: Making sure there is an equal ratio of toilets for all genders in the SU. I want to make people aware that a reason for a gender neutral toilet is for gender nonbinary and transgender people and that males could go to other toilets reducing queue congestion.

Engage the minority: I want to focus on commuting students as they can become isolated due to living outside of halls. I want to make a network/commuters area especially during exam times which can be useful for naps. I want to campaign with Samaritans for those with mental health issues to have a text service and also bring in 24 hr mental health services hired externally from the university which is extended to off campus and also to Kingswood.

Help the diversity: I want to expand the Halal food range for Muslims and expand on the vegan and vegetarian food range.

Welfare at university: I want to build a library study space app and also introduce a 20 minutes no show policy for library rooms to stop them being misused and misbooked.

Help problems quickly: I want to create an SU help chat that is more informal and easy access to information. And also a lost and found portal for the SU website.

What would you do with the health centre and the sexual health clinic?

The sexual health centre left without telling the university so I want to create a contract system where they can’t leave. I would implement a new one coming in from the NHS or hire in from an efficient satellite group that doesn’t leave all of a sudden.

Also in the health centre we could hire more temporary medical staff that could come in during busy periods of year to reduce waiting times.

How would you work with the Equalities Council and the elected representatives?

If the elected group has a problem that they want to raise an issue of, I could work with them to make campaigns. I want to ensure campaigns will work to engage those outside of the community they were targeting.

What would you have done differently as VP Welfare and Diversity this year?

One issue raised was that it shouldn’t just be a Black History Month there could be campaigns outside of that one month and so taking these issues outside of just their focus month. I’d like to see more integration between liberation groups.