Has Peter Jackson done a “George Lucas”?

In 1998 George Lucas was adored. The news of the prequels created unfettered joy and excitement, a chance to be brought back to the wonderment of their childhood. Now Lucas is not much more than the butt of jokes, seen in the “George Lucas Edition” of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Exactly the […]

I’m A Celebrity: An Experience Regretted

On the 7th December, a most undesirable event befell me. I had the misfortune of seeing, for the first time, the abomination that is I’m A Celebrity. It so happened to be the final, which, helpfully or unhelpfully, provided a recap of the whole series – meaning I was presented not only with the most […]

Music to Look Out For 2015

2015 is looking to become a year of music revival, with new talent entering the music scene and some classic bands emerging from retirement to remind the public what they have been missing out on. New names such as James Bay, winner of the Brits Critics award, Atlanta native Raury, and Nottingham born Indiana are […]

The Top 5 Greatest and Most Disappointing Films of 2014

The film industry had its fair share of tragedies and scandals in 2014. The losses of talents such as Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Harold Ramis in devastatingly quick succession, while the recent Sony Pictures hacking and the following cancellation of The Interview’s release has set a troubling precedent. On the brighter side though, […]

The Theory and Art of How to Get Away With Murder

As a dedicated consumer of television series it is always an exciting prospect when a new, well-acted and edgy show is introduced. In this case it is even more exciting when it is produced by the powerhouse that is “Shondaland”. Producer and writer Shonda Rhimes is the brains behind some of what I consider to […]

Swan Lake

Swan Lake- Theatre Royal Windsor Elegance, precision, tenderness, ecstasy, beauty, terror… Just a few words that come to mind when someone mentions Swan Lake, but how close to tradition can one stay before the conventional is challenged? Sawn Lake tells the story of Prince Siegfried’s love for the Swann Queen Odette; they battle against the […]

“Help Conserve This Lovely Theatre”

At the start of the (much anticipated) break, my family and I upheld our long standing tradition of going to a Pantomime. As with many other families in Britain, this is tradition for us- it simply wouldn’t be Christmas without “He’s behind you!” This year however we made a change in our venue. Normally, we […]

Funny Girls

In recent years there has been a visible surge in the popularity of female comedians, seemingly in correlation with a rise in the awareness of feminism. Their presence on prime-time comedy shows is increasingly noticeable, and rightly so; there is some serious talent which needs to be televised. Dated attitudes such as “she’s funny… for […]

Cheap Theatre- a How-to!

Theatre in London is becoming more accessible for students on a budget and cheap tickets can even be purchased on the day of performances. The TKTS booth in Leicester Square sells tickets for many popular West End shows on the day with special deals and half price discounts. Another option is to go to the […]

Getting closer to the Academy

Lo and behold Royal Holloway! Award season is upon us, and here are the predictions for one of the most awaited events of the year: The Oscars. Indeed, the biggest cinematography event of the year is getting closer and closer and one is naturally led to wonder to whom the famous golden statue will go […]

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