Wild at the BFI London Film Festival

Gather round film-lovers, for it’s that time of year again – yes, the BFI London Film Festival is back! It saddens me to say that I did not get the chance to see this year’s prime starlets, (Mr Turner, Foxcatcher and The Imitation Game spring to mind) but all is not lost. ‘Wild’ has crept […]

Gone to the Movies – Gone Girl

Having sold over 2 million copies, it is fair to say the adaptation of the book ‘Gone Girl’ was going to come with a fair bit of anticipation. Similar to Fincher’s previous film, ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’, there was plenty of pressure coming from fans of a much beloved book to get this […]

“Boots on the Ground!” – The RHUL Symphony Orchestra, The Student Body, and Rebecca Miller

The Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra kicked off the new term in September with a concert that filled the Windsor Auditorium beyond its own doors. People squeezed into every last head space, perspiring in the heat, to get a glimpse of the Orchestra in its first event of the year, under the baton of RHUL’s new […]

We’re all falling for Wingman

Ever found yourself way out of your depth, falling so fast you barely even felt the ground as it slipped from underneath you? Ever wished that the person you fell for would, somehow, also be the one to catch you? Ever felt the pinch of Cupid’s arrow as it hits you on your – ahem […]

BFI – Debate in Film.

‘Debate; Riveting films that amplify, scrutinise, argue and surprise.’ Open your eyes. Are you an individual, or a collective? Are you an opinion, or ideology? Do you care? Perhaps not. So often we are party to a single vision, and see only a single side of a coin. As an academic, university student body, we […]

Basically BFI

It’s October time yet again, and in the English film industry that means one thing: Hollywood is once again coming to London in the guise of the BFI London Film Festival. While not quite holding the same reputation as other festivals such as Cannes, Venice or Sundance, it has still become a core date in […]

An update from your on-campus shows!

The Real Inspector Hound Inspector Hound has been rehearsing hard for the last two weeks, getting every gasp and melodramatic cry on point. The show is now blocked and the polishing is well into its last stages. Our crew is currently preparing for our quiz and launch nights, and as we enter the final couple […]

Hans Zimmer Revealed

There have been a handful of film composers whose scores have entered the public consciousness, becoming more than just scores but rather an entrenched part of modern culture. Hans Zimmer is one such composer, and on the 10th and 11th of October, he hosted performances of his work in London. He walked on stage to […]

Cheap Day in London

Yes, Egham is a little further out than the average London University. You probably felt vaguely cheated when you realised that the “short trip into central London!” turned out not to include the time needed to trudge to the station, barge your way through Waterloo, and submerge yourself on the underground. So here’s a list of […]

Summer Arts in London

These were some of our top tips for things to do and see around London over the summer! Did you attend one of these, or know someone who did? We’d love to hear how they went, so please contribute an article to either Vincent or Lukas, the Arts Editors, and tell us about your experience! […]