Serial Binge Listening

Many people have been lured into the “Serial” podcast hype under the premise of a real life murder-mystery: in the 12-part podcast, acclaimed journalist Sarah Koenig examines the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, an 18 year old school girl found buried in the woods in Baltimore, Maryland. Despite Hae’s ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, being convicted […]

A Love Letter to Netflix

Hey, I would say it’s been a while, but we were together an hour ago when I should have been writing an essay. This is what I need to talk to you about. I think we need to take some time apart. Over summer, it seemed too good to be true. It was a perfect […]

Tales as old as time

Trends come and go in Hollywood from fashion to A-lister; everything comes in and out of style and the world audiences taste in films is no less fickle. An example? Twilight. It dawned the vampire era in tv and film in 2008 and the fallout from is still being felt with films like The Vampire […]

Black Mirror: Please Mr. Brooker, can we have some more?

Over the Christmas period we were lucky enough to be treated to another devilishly evil Black Mirror episode, starring Rafe Spall and John Hamm, warning of the dangers of our “block” culture, where we would rather “block” a person than deal with them face on. It was a typically brilliant and twisted episode, entwining three […]


THAT GUM YOU LIKE IS GOING TO COME BACK IN STYLE 25 years later…Twin Peaks by David Lynch and Mark Frost returns on SHOWTIME 6th of October SHOWTIME announced: «The critically-acclaimed Golden Globe and Peabody Award-winning series Twin Peaks will return as a new limited series. Series creators and executive producers David Lynch and Mark Frost are […]

The Joys of a young Artist

With the hard economic climate, it is unsurprising that funding for the Arts has been dwindling. Personally, as a young film-maker, I have watched with worry as funding for great companies such as the BFI deplete. The BFI have also taken away their internship programme, with it being found that interns were being given the […]

Has Peter Jackson done a “George Lucas”?

In 1998 George Lucas was adored. The news of the prequels created unfettered joy and excitement, a chance to be brought back to the wonderment of their childhood. Now Lucas is not much more than the butt of jokes, seen in the “George Lucas Edition” of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Exactly the […]

I’m A Celebrity: An Experience Regretted

On the 7th December, a most undesirable event befell me. I had the misfortune of seeing, for the first time, the abomination that is I’m A Celebrity. It so happened to be the final, which, helpfully or unhelpfully, provided a recap of the whole series – meaning I was presented not only with the most […]

Music to Look Out For 2015

2015 is looking to become a year of music revival, with new talent entering the music scene and some classic bands emerging from retirement to remind the public what they have been missing out on. New names such as James Bay, winner of the Brits Critics award, Atlanta native Raury, and Nottingham born Indiana are […]

The Top 5 Greatest and Most Disappointing Films of 2014

The film industry had its fair share of tragedies and scandals in 2014. The losses of talents such as Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Harold Ramis in devastatingly quick succession, while the recent Sony Pictures hacking and the following cancellation of The Interview’s release has set a troubling precedent. On the brighter side though, […]

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