Why Representation Matters

Comment editor Shay Gray invites us to challenge the stereotype of unnecessary representation, and see why it truly matters for people to see themselves on the big screen.

Our House Is On Fire; The Message of Greta Thunberg

Alex Whiteman explores the message behind Greta Thunberg’s book, ‘No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference’, and asks whether she deserves the hatred she’s received.

The Seven Stages of Christmas Recovery

As the new term starts, Bridget O’Sullivan discusses the difficulties of the post-Christmas blues.

The Bright Future of Journalism.

Rachel Hains recounts her time at the SPA Regional conference, and why she believes journalism has a bright future ahead.

The Twisted 24 days of Christmas

Tiger-Lily Goldsmith discusses the sudden rise in weird and wonderful alternative advent calendars.

December Dalliances

Bridget O’Sullivan explains why you shouldn’t let the Holiday Blues get you down this festive season.

Gaming and Hong Kong

Daniel Woolley explains how, by using gaming, we are bringing to light the societies around the world that lack the democratic freedoms we demonstrate.

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