Injured, Inelegant and In the Way

If you’ve had the misfortune to bump into me on campus since the beginning of term then I’d like to apologise. Not because I’ve done anything particularly heinous (other than a few of my usual crimes against fashion), or even that I’ve been particularly objectionable to be around. It’s more that for the past 6 […]

Founder’s Legacy

Founder’s building of Royal Holloway is beautiful. Its majesty excites the fortunate onlooker. This building is of the rare breed of sights that exceeds the aesthetics of its respective Google Image results. The students that scurry around its many levels of incalculable beauty bring it to life, such as oxygen does to the lungs, you […]

Let’s Reconsider Consent

The ‘I Heart Consent’ campaign was a good idea but it was run in a way that I can only describe as dreadful. It was a campaign directed at the male community, yet for the most part it failed to engage men; it was a campaign interested in excluding men, or at least that’s the […]

Why are we all so scared of freebies?

It’s 1am on a Friday night at the SU and people are starting to trickle out, some a bit worse for wear. This is where the Christian Union Club Mission comes in, offering free water, doughnuts and crisps to tired revellers. Yet one question we seem to be asked is “How much is it?” Maybe […]

Landfill of the Soul

An instruction from the accommodation services details the meticulous levels of cleanliness I have to achieve by 10 am on the day of departure. It is as I undergo this next stage of sanitising my frankly depraved living conditions, emptying the contents of my small bin, that a realisation struck me; my entire academic term […]

The Paradox of Militant Liberalism

Does the rise of political correctness have the potential to be just as oppressive as intolerance? The internet has given young people a larger platform than ever before to air their views on the world and make their voices heard. No corner of the internet is more demonstrative of this than the popular blogging website […]

The Bechdel Test

What is it? The Bechdel test was first introduced in Allison Bechdel’s comic “Dykes to Watch Out For”, in a 1985 strip called “The Rule”. In order for a film to pass the Bechdel test it has to meet the following requirements: 1. It has to have at least two women in it 2. Who […]

Maintenance of campus accommodation: an experience of varying satisfaction

It was half past eight in the morning and I was fast asleep. As it was my day off from lectures, I wasn’t planning on getting up anytime soon. However, my peaceful slumber was soon disturbed by incessant knocking at my door; knocking that had also woken up the other seven members of my flat. […]

It’s Time to Consent

Watching Frozen for the millionth time, I’m still surprised that Kristoff asks Anna whether he may kiss her. Expecting the hero to seize a victory smooch, I realised we’ve long forgone consent because we’re not used to seeing or asking for it. Here was a Disney film portraying consent for a kiss, when 55 years […]

The Ugly Girls Club

The Ugly Girls Club is probably the coolest trending feminist campaign out there. What came as an insult from another student towards the RHUL feminist society, turned out to become a powerful tool in dealing with the subject of society’s vision of women. The little incident that sparked the selfie campaign shows everyone how the […]

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