Freshers’ Flu: Myth or Reality?

With Freshers’ week only a few weeks away, Ellie Darwood remembers facing the dreaded Freshers’ flu. “I’ll be fine. I don’t get ill” – A statement that I found myself repeatedly saying throughout the duration of my first year at university. And was I right? Well, not exactly. All Freshers’ (and returning students) are aware […]

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: LGBT service In The Military’s Violent Role Reversal.

In light of Donald Trump’s new ban on Transgender people in the military, Abel Fenwick explores the long and complicated relationship between the LGBTQ community and the military.

Deleting lad-culture from Campus

In light of the scandalous Warwick University group chat, Rachel Hains questions the university’s response and the potential impact on campuses throughout the country.

Brexit: The Wheels Are Falling Off the Bus

As the 29th March looms into view Parliament has been left looking like a student who is doing all their holiday work the night before it is due.

Let’s Talk: Endometriosis

As Endometriosis awareness month begins, Rachel Hains explores this relatively unknown medical condition and why anybody with a uterus should be made aware of it.

3 Ways to Think like an Ally

While supporting minority communities outwardly remains central to effective activism, we must also consider the inward practices that shape an allied outlook on life.

Is It Time To Wave Good-Bi To Stereotypes?

Rachel Hains explores the difficulties of being Bisexual in modern society and argues that it is time people remembered the ‘B’ in LGBTQ.

Financial Privilege: Academia’s Worst Kept Secret

Mahilha Reza looks at how financial privilege impacts students

Academic Twitter: the Good, the Bad and the Unwarranted Twitter Review

Maliha Reza writes about the dark side of academic Twitter.

Anger in the Supreme Court

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh showed us that men’s anger is more valuable than women’s safety.

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