How important is it to be titled the ‘Most Beautiful Campus in the UK’?

Beth Gooding discusses Royal Holloway’s title as the ‘Most Beautiful Campus in the UK’ and how important this really is.

Make Up Your Time

Is makeup too ingrained in our culture? Should its use be limited? Michele Theil examines its impact on young people.

The Value of Internships

Are unpaid internships worth the money?

Is Autism Really That Atypical?

Shay Gray casts a critical eye over the new Netflix original series, Atypical, and questions how realistic it is in the portrayal of its main theme of autism.

Hashtag Solidarity

Beth Gooding considers social media’s reaction to the recent sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

Reduced-Anxiety Events: Neglected, but Necessary

Natasha Phillips comments on why mental illness does not receive the same consideration as physical illness in most venues.

The Suicide Statistic: It Matters

On behalf of the RHUL Mental Health Network, Emma Halahan explains how Royal Holloway’s choice to not keep the suicide statistic is allowing our mental health crisis to keep a low profile.

Armed With Chances; Poised For Change

Rachel Hains examines why gun control is rooted in American culture
and what could feasibly change.

The Millennial Rep

Mille Pyne explores the common reputation of millennials.

Cultural Allyship: Make It Count

Emma Halahan discusses cultural appropriation in an increasingly globalised world.

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