Free Speech?

The line between free speech and hate speech is being blurred; but is anyone paying attention?

Why are the women of Brazil so divided on Bolsonaro?

Jasmine Cox discusses the relationship between the fear of crime and women in the light of Jair Bolsonaro’s recent Presidential election.

Trapped Youth

Amaan Ramzan discusses the cycle of poverty and crime that many communities have found themselves them, with no hope of escape.

Love Island and Racial Diversity

Love Island was one of the most popular shows this summer but it still had a real diversity problem.

RuPaul, transphobia, and remembering your Herstory

Becca Bashford discusses RuPaul’s trans-exclusionary rules of drag

Royal Holloway’s sexual assault victims deserve better

Caitlin Robin questions whether banning a song is helpful to RHUL’s victims of sexual assault.

Safety of Student Data

Jasmine Cox questions whether our data is safe in the hands of universities.

Unethical Investments

SU President, Clem Jones, argues for fossil fuel divestment.

Should universities remain international?

Rachel Hains discusses the new regulations surrounding Tier 4 students at UCL and the impact they could have on universities across the country.

Journalism: Maybe, Maybe Not.

Natasha Lam discusses getting into journalism and argues that it’s not something you ‘just do’.

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