Royal Holloway’s sexual assault victims deserve better

Caitlin Robin questions whether banning a song is helpful to RHUL’s victims of sexual assault.

Safety of Student Data

Jasmine Cox questions whether our data is safe in the hands of universities.

Unethical Investments

SU President, Clem Jones, argues for fossil fuel divestment.

Should universities remain international?

Rachel Hains discusses the new regulations surrounding Tier 4 students at UCL and the impact they could have on universities across the country.

Journalism: Maybe, Maybe Not.

Natasha Lam discusses getting into journalism and argues that it’s not something you ‘just do’.

A Year On From #MeToo

Michele Theil reflects on the tumultuous year of #metoo.

Artificial Rights

Samantha Davis questions how a robot seems to have been given more rights than the real women of Saudi Arabia.

Voting: Restrictions Apply

Michele Theil examines the new voter ID restrictions that are being trialled in UK elections.

The Cost of Social Media

Sahar Mahmood explores whether we are paying a hefty price for the use of social media.

Out Of Service

Michele Theil reports on the recently out-of-use bollards in Egham High Street.

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