Hugh Hefner: Feminist or Chauvinist?

Holly Feeny questions why we glorify misogynistic rich white men as feminist allies.

Lock Her Up: A Shot At The Prison Experience

Michele Theil discusses the new prison-themed Shoreditch bar, ‘Alcotraz’, and why this detracts from serious failures in the prison system.

The Ballot Box Advantage

Beth Gooding discusses the generational imbalance in voting.

A Prescription for Stigma

Mental Health Chair, Emma Halahan, discusses Panorama episode, A Prescription for Murder, and why it is sending shockwaves through the mental health community.

The New Voices of Podcasting

Natasha describes how podcasting is providing a more diverse alternative to broadcast

A Bone to Pick

Sub-Editor Michele Theil critiques Netflix’ portrayal of eating disorders in their new film To The Bone and explains the issue with it.

The Political Theatre Losing its Audience

Jack O’Neill talks about PMQs and the issues with democracy.

So This Is Student Activism?

Emma Halahan asks what it means to be a student activist in the 21st Century and whether the student voice still counts.

Fox Hunting: A Thing of the Past or the Future?

Izzy Swanson discusses why this activity is back on the political agenda. With the current political climate, I doubt that you were thinking about fox hunting a couple of weeks ago when you were deciding who to vote for in the general election. But now that Theresa May has revealed that she is continuing the […]

Money For Nothing, Clicks For Free: Could Facebook Make Blogging Profitable?

Danny Angove explores how Facebook could become a profitable blogging platform in the near future. Here’s a controversial opinion: in ten years’ time, most self-hosted blogs won’t exist. The evolution of social media sites into content-hosting platforms will, for the most part, render self-hosting unnecessary. Instead, bloggers will publish their content directly to – and […]

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