‘Warning Explicit Content’: Is Censorship Needed in the Music Industry?

Censorship is a hotly contested issue and one with a long history of misuse and authoritarian control, but does it still have a place in a 21st century society? Izzy Swanson and Natasha Phillips debate the need for censorship in music. Izzy: against censorship  A quarter of the current top 40 singles on the official UK music […]

Gigi Hadid, Vogue, the Hijab and the West.

There has been much controversy surrounding Gigi Hadid’s cover for Vogue Arabia in which she adorns a veil and poses for the camera. But why has this caused such a stir? And what is the real debate here? As a young female Muslim living in Britain the hijab is of much importance and of great […]

The Hidden Figures of Autism

Cemre discusses the lack of representation of women on the autistic spectrum While autism didn’t exist as a diagnosed developmental disability until about 70 years ago, people now ascribe its attributes to classic figures of human history such as Kant, Einstein, Mozart, and even Steve Jobs. It is unknown whether they were ever on the spectrum, […]

Does Any Political Party Really Care About Young People?

Danny Angove laments the lack of youth-centric and inclusive politics Life’s full of disappointments, isn’t it? Imagine: you’ve been forced to endure a long, hard day of lectures and seminars, so you decide to treat yourself to a night in with your housemates, junk food, and one of your favourite films. You hit the shops, […]

Does Marching Make a Difference?

Isabel Swanson on why political activism of any scale, can make a difference. Since January, millions of people have taken part in protests centred around the new US president, a man who has come to represent a dangerous threat to human rights, equality and social justice, not just in his own country but across the […]

Viral Violence: a new kind of crime.

The twenty first century has been marked by developments in medicine, science and technology. Importantly, the last decade has seen a vast growth in social media platforms from Twitter to Facebook through to Instagram and Snapchat. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to be connected to lots of different people […]


Jasmine Chapman on the constraints of language and how important it really is when communicating with others.   Stop a second. Think about language, the thing which sets us humans apart from other beings of the world. The one thing, apart from our bendy thumbs, which makes us a level higher. I also ask you […]

Revolutionary, Guerrilla, Criminal – The legacy of Fidel Castro

Jan Vlcek on the controversial life of the late, Fidel Castro. Miami cheers. Havana in tears. The responses to Fidel Castro’s death could not have been more different. While the descendants of those who fled from the dictator’s authoritarian regime,to the not-so-distant United States, gathered in streets to celebrate the death of “one of the […]

New Year’s Revolution

Cemre asks for 2016 to be the push we need to bring more change As we are mostly aware and are constantly reminded on social media, 2016 was a year of tragedies. It’ll probably go down in history as the worst year our generation has seen so far, and while some scoff and move on […]

If You Didn’t Take a Picture, Did It Really Happen?

Be honest. How many photos have you taken or posted online today? Did you upload a photo of you and your friends from last night on Facebook? Instagram a photo of your lunch? Post yet another photo of Founders on your Snapchat story? According to photographer Paul Strand, “your photography is a record of your […]

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