Russia is more than its politics

Russia is a country that Westerners almost inevitably view in a negative light. Thanks to a selective representation of its social and political backwardness, and its destabalising foreign policy, this vast and diverse nation has been condensed into a single, villainous entity. It is there to be lambasted, mocked, and feared. I went to Russia […]

The Case Against Grammar Schools

Natasha Philips presents her argument against grammar schools. After being phased out 50 years ago, grammar schools are back on the agenda. Theresa May has declared her intention to lift the ban on selective education to help children from poorer families to do better, while Labour continue to oppose the change. However, could prioritising grammars […]

Attitudes towards University Degrees

You’ve just moved into your university halls, it’s your first term of your first year, and someone else living in your accommodation thinks getting to know you would be a great way to break the ice, so they ask you what’re you’re studying, you appreciate the pleasant gesture and reply with: “I’m studying [insert arts […]

Should we stop calling ditching make-up ‘brave’?

We all have one, a bare face I mean. At least we all did first thing this morning, unless you were a little lazy with the makeup wipes and instead prayed to the Garnier gods to rain down drops of micellar water (no I don’t really know what those words mean either) and delicately melt […]

The Power of the Olympic Games 2016

In honour of the Olympic’s opening in Rio this evening, it’s come to my attention that I may just be one of a minority that is truly excited about the Olympics games hitting our screens. Let’s be honest, 2016 has been a year of turbulent and testing times, in other words it’s been a load […]


I’m walking through Waterloo Station and around me are posters and screens showing me the new summer fashion line and the blockbuster movies. With summer here, we are more than ever exposed to what the consumer market says we should look like, eat like, act like, be like. While the pressure on women is intense, […]

That Deus Ex Machina Life

It’s a tragedy that I can’t recall a time without my phone in my hand, my laptop by my side and the answers to any question a simple googling away, and it’s a sense shared. While technology and knowledge has been the cause for human advancement through the ages, it seems now it’s a way […]

Has Facebook taken over?

Beth Carr explores how we struggle to switch off from social media Think about the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning. Or the last thing you do at night. Or the thing that comes top of your procrastination list throughout the day. If it starts with ‘F’ and ends with […]

How companies are becoming exploitative.

Connor Deith investigates the rise of trans-national Corporations. It’s no secret that Apple Inc. has faced its fair share of criticism. From tax dodging to sweatshop labour, there’s very little doubt that Apple’s success as one of the world’s largest companies is due in some part to its ability to deflect such accusations and reign […]

Can we define what is ‘sexy’?

In an article for Lenny Letter, Emily Ratajkowski raises awareness for what it is like for a young girl who is sexualised by others from an early age. She, like many others, was taught to be cautious about her own sexuality for fear of the way others looked at her. In many young girls this […]