It’s time to commit to a loving relationship with yourself

Maria Green discusses the importance of body positivity in women Many young people in this country will have struggled with body image at least once during their lives. A study conducted two decades ago highlights the effects of the media on our perceived self-worth: until mid-1995, the Nadroga province of Fiji had not been exposed […]

‘Absolute madness’: A reflection on stigma in everyday language

Natasha Phillips explores how society exacerbates Mental Health stigma with language Awareness of mental illness has seen considerable progress over the past decade, and yet, language used to describe and classify mental disorders is still being misused. “Mentally-ill” may have the most synonyms of any word in the English dictionary, and so many of them […]

A Trumped America

Sahar Mahmood writes about the future of America after the shocking US election results. On the 9th of November the world saw the United States of America elect Donald Trump their 45th president. With a campaign marred with statements of bigotry, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, racism and hatred, Trump made his way comfortably to the White […]

What did the Conservative Party Conference tell us about our future?

The question over who lives in the White House for the next four years is dominating the news, and the decision is firmly placed in the hands of American citizens. So it can feel odd for us here in the UK: we changed our Prime Minister three months ago, without the public casting a single […]

Russia is more than its politics

Russia is a country that Westerners almost inevitably view in a negative light. Thanks to a selective representation of its social and political backwardness, and its destabalising foreign policy, this vast and diverse nation has been condensed into a single, villainous entity. It is there to be lambasted, mocked, and feared. I went to Russia […]

“We’re Knowingly Doing This”

A world of war is easily forgotten when you’re not living amongst it. A world of political squabble makes it easy to tune out. A world of environmental corruption provides a routine to abuse the natural world. We all make these excuses.   Leonardo DiCaprio, by giving up his only Oscar winning speech where he […]

The Case Against Grammar Schools

Natasha Philips presents her argument against grammar schools. After being phased out 50 years ago, grammar schools are back on the agenda. Theresa May has declared her intention to lift the ban on selective education to help children from poorer families to do better, while Labour continue to oppose the change. However, could prioritising grammars […]

The SJWs of the World

            In the midst of this year’s relentless bid for becoming one of the most disheartening in living memory, it’s safe to say that there is a lot wrong with the world. I don’t need to digress on all the issues, I just need to vent over one particular group of petulant individuals who thrive on […]

Attitudes towards University Degrees

You’ve just moved into your university halls, it’s your first term of your first year, and someone else living in your accommodation thinks getting to know you would be a great way to break the ice, so they ask you what’re you’re studying, you appreciate the pleasant gesture and reply with: “I’m studying [insert arts […]

Should we stop calling ditching make-up ‘brave’?

Grace Yeadon discusses whether ditching make up is brave, or whether it should just be the most valued.

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