Nuclear Weapons: A Necessary Evil?

The Labour Party is facing a potential crisis: its Scottish branch has come out in support against the renewal of Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system.  In the rest of the UK the maintaining of the programme is largely supported, although its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is in agreement with Scottish Labour in their opposition.  As […]

Everybody Hates Kate

Oh, what a surprise! Britain’s most abominable blabber-mouth has enraged the public yet again with a contentious opinion that even your BNP supporting granny wouldn’t dare vociferate. Of course by the time this article is finished, Katie Hopkins will undoubtedly have vomited out some other revolting drivel which sends fingers wagging her way.

What’s this about a “No to EU” society?

Recently, on the university notice board I came upon a request asking for a society to be created in regards to Britain’s status in the EU. However the preferred title of the society was “Better off out”, indicating the society would lean mostly towards Britain leaving the EU. This initially upset me as it was […]

The Holiday War Hits UK

Most of us online will be familiar with the October 31st/November 1st conundrum. One moment everyone is doing their best Jack Skellington impression and dressing up in their coolest totally-un-scary outfits and as soon as the clock strikes 00:00 the Christmas carols fill the air and everything is on sale. Up until the 2010’s the […]

The Forgotten Minds of Refugees

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have made the difficult journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe this year alone, risking their lives to escape widespread poverty and political unrest in their country. Whilst this global event has been widely publicised in the media, the reality that many refugees suffer from mental illness is recognised much […]

Islam: Religion of Peace ?

Following the recent horrendous Paris and Beirut attacks, with in mind previous similar horrific ones, ridicule, laughter, irony are the responses of many people across the world when coming across the question of whether Islam is a religion of peace. On the other hand, many more insist that Islam IS a religion of peace. Who […]

How to run away

Hunted, on Channel 4, is a reality show turned documentary, on the extreme difficulties of going ‘off grid’. The plot is that 14 everyday people have to go on the run for a month, while a group of highly professional hunters try to track them down. The hunters compromise of ex police officers, secret intelligent […]

Trust: On Sale for $1.3 million

The United Nations. An organisation forged in the furnace of pacifistic desperation, in the spirit of multi-national cooperation and with a beating poverty-reducing heart at the centre of a body of good will. Ruined. By the greed of one man. John Ashe, 61, from the small 281km squared island of Antigua in the Caribbean was […]

The Cost of Scrapping Maintenance Grants

When I was going through the UCAS process there were two things that lessened the stress and caused me a bit of relief. The first was the obvious news of knowing that my chosen universities saw me as worthy of an offer. But what was perhaps even more reassuring was finding out that I was […]

Prevent: why the strategy doesn’t work.

And why the strategy doesn’t work. The Prevent Strategy is part of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, and allows for ‘specified authorities’ to fulfil their duty of preventing people being drawn into terrorism or so-called terrorist groups. The definitions of extreme ideology and the institutions attached to them remain vague leaving many who act […]