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  • PC Gamer Weekender 2017 – Review

    The PC Gamer Weekender has appeared once more and was something of a surprise success. The marketing for the event was...

    Syed Ali06/04/2017
  • What’s the Deal With…tardigrades?

    With a name meaning ‘slow stepper’, these eight-legged microorganisms might not sound very exciting. But tardigrades are arguably the toughest cookies...

    Grace Yeadon17/03/2017
  • What’s the deal with…10-a-day?

    A recent study by Imperial College London revealed that whilst eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is great,...

    Grace Yeadon03/03/2017
  • Beef up your academic writing!

    The move from school or college to university can be a big jump for many students, especially when it comes to...

    Beenish Khan03/02/2017
  • In Conversation with Paul Layzell

    Features Editor, Yasmeen Frasso, interviewed Principal of Royal Holloway, Paul Layzell with the hopes of removing some of the mystery behind...

    Yasmeen Frasso09/12/2016
  • Brexit: The word on everyone’s lips.

    Andrew Mitchell, the founding member of RHUL’s European Students Society, talks about the continued campaign to defend the rights of EU...

    Andrew Mitchell07/11/2016
  • Is student culture changing?

    Returning to university as a postgraduate prompted me to reflect on my hazy undergraduate days back in 2004-2007. My most striking...

    Danelle Pettman02/11/2016
  • Reporting on the Women’s Network

    Giant boobs, Bra Pong, Pizza and boob-shaped cupcakes? It must be the first RHUL Women’s Network event of the year! Sarah...

    Stephanie Bagnall24/10/2016
  • A Guide to Being a Fangirl

    The fangirl culture is one that is definitely undermined, we all have an inner fangirl/fanboy inside of us. Whether you hate...


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