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Great Expectations

Oli Rushby asks if we expect enough from technology companies when it comes to innovating new products.

You’ve got into Royal Holloway! Now what?

Dominic Barrett discusses all things Royal Holloway.

PC Gamer Weekender 2017 – Review

The PC Gamer Weekender has appeared once more and was something of a surprise success. The marketing for the event was ever present and something Insanity Radio 103.2FM assisted with. However, the event’s success was due in part to the large amount of games on show, as well how well it was run with different […]

Beef up your academic writing!

The move from school or college to university can be a big jump for many students, especially when it comes to writing essays and working on assignments. There is much confusion around what is expected of students when it comes to academic writing. Getting to grips with academic writing at university can be challenging. I […]

In Conversation with Paul Layzell

Features Editor, Yasmeen Frasso, interviewed Principal of Royal Holloway, Paul Layzell with the hopes of removing some of the mystery behind the man we all get weekly emails from.   Sitting outside of the Principal’s office you can’t help but feel you’ve done something wrong to be there. Expecting the worse, I sat waiting, nervous […]

Is student culture changing?

Returning to university as a postgraduate prompted me to reflect on my hazy undergraduate days back in 2004-2007. My most striking memories are of new friends, the novelty of living away from home and the endless reading in the library. Another lasting impression was the drinking culture. A typical day in the life of an […]

Reporting on the Women’s Network

Giant boobs, Bra Pong, Pizza and boob-shaped cupcakes? It must be the first RHUL Women’s Network event of the year! Sarah Newell (the Women’s Officer) pulled off a marvellous ‘Safety in Numbers’ evening, allowing a platform for four very important societies; The ‘LGBT+ society’, ‘Feminism society’, ‘Women of Colour Collective’ and last but not least, […]

A Guide to Being a Fangirl

The fangirl culture is one that is definitely undermined, we all have an inner fangirl/fanboy inside of us. Whether you hate to admit it, you cannot deny that whenever your ‘fave’ uploads a new selfie on Instagram a little bit of you dies inside. Among the students at Royal Holloway, there lies a few fangirls […]

First Date Gone Wrong

First dates. No matter what we think, the first date does have a significant role in what is to come in a relationship. After all, if the first date goes very well it does increase the likelihood of seeing that person again. It is analogous to the first domino that falls, causing every other domino […]

A Home From Home

Choosing a house to live in is a daunting task, especially after the comfortable safety of university halls, where the worst that can happen is someone stealing your milk. The first thing you have to know is that estate agents will try and pressure you to put money down. They’re a business and you’re a […]