Student Autism

Jack Crouch discusses what it’s like to be a student with autism and Royal Holloway and how to get support.

“A year from now on you may wish you had started today” Karen Lamb

Francesca Tyer compiles an A to Z list of motivational quotes and tips to help you through the Spring Term.

3 Ways to Think like an Ally

While supporting minority communities outwardly remains central to effective activism, we must also consider the inward practices that shape an allied outlook on life.

Pride Is For Everyone

Samantha Davis discusses the history and the future of the Pride flag and the importance of the new design elements.

The Psychology of Sexual Assault

A look into the psychology of sexual assault

Women or womxn?

Francesca Tyer discusses the recent backlash surrounding the spelling of ‘woman’/’women’ with an x or a y.

Trans-exclusionary Laws

A look at the Trans-exclusionary laws in the UK and US

Bright Idea – University Guarantor Service

Abby King talks to Jake Shepherd, the mind behind a recently popular Bright Idea regarding a guarantor service for students.

In Conversation With: Charlie Higson

Mollie Carlyle in conversation with author, comedian, actor and former funk-punk singer, Charlie Higson

RHUL Donate and Reuse

Francesca Tyer interviews Amy Bleakley about the Donate and Reuse Volunteering Programme run at Royal Holloway.

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