Religion and Science: Finding a Common Ground

The words ‘religion’ and ‘science’ are not often seen together, and if they are, it can sometimes be in a negative context. Here at Royal Holloway we are lucky enough to be a part of a diverse student population, which inevitably contains religious students studying scientific degrees. We spoke to Nishall Garala, the Religious Affairs […]

Boycotting The NSS

Features Editor, Yasmeen, interviews Non – one of the organisers of the NSS Boycott on campus. So, obviously the main question we have for you is why are you boycotting the National Student Survey (NSS)? Well we’re boycotting the NSS because it’s instrumental to fee increases in coming years. This is because the results from […]

Celebrating medical marvels

Medical documentaries are fascinating, informative and wide-reaching, but often toe a fine line between removing taboos around common conditions and reinforcing them. Programmes like ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ tread this line very carefully, encouraging public discussion around a wide variety of conditions and the removal of any associated embarrassment.  There is no denying that increased awareness is […]

Interview with Nishall Garala

Deputy Editor Louise Jones caught up with Nishall Garala Religious Affairs Officer for Royal Holloway’s Hindu Society to talk about all things Holi Festival, relationships with other interfaith societies on campus, and the importance of interfaith relationships right now. Nishall first and foremost well done to you and Hindu society for delivering such successful Holi […]

Exclusive: The all-access guide to RHUL’s new library

The Orbital’s Joanne Archer gives you the low down on the new Library and Student Services Centre. We promise you it’s cooler than it sounds. The latest addition to campus, the Emily Wilding Davison Building, has certainly caused quite the storm. The chaos of an ever-expanding building site has made walking anywhere in a 2-minute […]

Interview with Amani Fancy; Professional Pair’s Figure Skater and ROHO Student

Deputy Editor Louise Jones talks to Amani Fancy, professional pair’s figure skater, and how she balances being a professional athlete with being a student here at Royal Holloway University of London. Firstly, thank you so much for talking to us. I have watched some of your videos of you ice skating and some of the […]

What’s the Deal With…tardigrades?

Launching our Science & Gaming section, Grace Yeadon asks what’s the deal with tardigrades?

Campaigning to end homelessness, an interview with Rebecca Wilson

Yasmeen catches up with Rebecca Wilson, President of English PEN at RoHo, and the organiser of the amazingly successful Big Sleepout last month.   Rebecca, firstly congratulations for the result of the Big Sleepout, you began with the target of only £500 and now you’ve raised over £2,000. Did you expect the result to be […]

London Anime Game Con Feb 2017

London Anime Game Con has once again started the convention season off for me in 2017, and with a huge bang. The event was perhaps one of the best organised I have ever had the privilege to attend and, to my knowledge, the very first comic con-style event that the Orbital has had the pleasure […]

A Throwback On Education… What Was Is It All For?

As a Fresher, it’s scary to think of this time a year ago. A level exams crept nearer and nearer and we were nervously waiting on UCAS confirmations of university offers and places. It is also scary to think of this time three years ago where our GCSEs were dawning upon us, keeping us at […]

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