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  • Meet our new board member: Stephanie Bagnall

      Stephanie is a first year English and Theatre student, and our new Deputy Features Editor! She talks to our Editor,...

    Holly Pyne07/11/2016
  • Is student culture changing?

    Returning to university as a postgraduate prompted me to reflect on my hazy undergraduate days back in 2004-2007. My most striking...

    Danelle Pettman02/11/2016
  • Brexit: The Effect On Us

    ‘Brexit’, the name given to the United Kingdom’s impending leave from the European Union, has and will continue to have effects...

    Michele Theil02/11/2016
  • Life as a Disabled Student

    I spoke to Grace Bilney, a third-year history student at Royal Holloway who suffers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or ME. Grace was...

    Paco Tijdink28/10/2016
  • French identity: a threatened concept?

    France, a country where people are made to believe in the consoling myth of equality to all citizens ‘without distinction of...

    Yara Farag24/10/2016
  • Reporting on the Women’s Network

    Giant boobs, Bra Pong, Pizza and boob-shaped cupcakes? It must be the first RHUL Women’s Network event of the year! Sarah...

    Stephanie Bagnall24/10/2016
  • The Phenomenon of Soggy Bottoms

    Soggy bottoms, Selasi’s calm demeanour, Mel and Sue’s abominable jokes and Paul’s cutting criticism is keeping the nation glued to our...

    Sahar Mahmood19/10/2016
  • Question Time: A Review

    Royal Holloway Question Time was held in the Windsor Auditorium on the 6th October. Organised by the Labour and Cooperative Society,...

    Stephanie Bagnall18/10/2016
  • Panic and Me

    Your heart is pounding. Your hands are trembling. Your head is spinning. Everything is louder, brighter and faster than it seemed...

    Rachel Perry-Watts10/10/2016
  • The Millennial Generation: Did we invent Anxiety? (World Mental Health Day 2016)

    If you looked at me, you would probably think I had a pretty good life. I do not have to work...

    Rhi Ireland10/10/2016

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