Meg Radios for Rob

Beth Carr reports on Insanity Radio’s recent 36 hour radio marathon for charity. What would it take for you to do an all-nighter? For alumni Meg Walker, not sleeping for two days is just a part of raising money for CLIC Sargent – and we got to experience the whole 36 hours of ‘Radio Robbie’ […]

Obituary of an Orca

Orbital’s Sumi Bal pays respects to the recent passing of Tilikum. Tilikum, the orca whale that inspired the documentary Blackfish, has died. This is the whale that spent his entire life in captivity, being taken from his mother in the wild at just two years old. Used in every SeaWorld show for a mere five […]

Thoughts on Home

Rhiannon Ireland discusses what home means to her. As Christmas has just ended, a time where students traditionally return home to spend time with their family, an article about the concept of ‘home’ seemed an appropriate thing to write about. The traditional definition of home is usually where you and your parents or guardians live, […]

The Floating Piers, Lake Iseo

Last summer saw an artist’s dreams recognised as Christo was given the go ahead to carry out a project he had been planning since 1970. The idea was the product of two artists, however Christo’s partner, Jeanne-Claude passed away in 2012, and was never able to see the project completed. Finally, earlier this year, Christo and […]

Talking about Domestic Abuse

Features Editor, Yasmeen Frasso, interviews Royal Holloway alumna, Nens Corran. During her time at Royal Holloway, Nens studied History (BA Hons). After graduating with a 1st, she went on to join the Met Police, now working as a Temporary Detective Inspector in a unit focused on Domestic Abuse.   You’ve had quite a diverse experience […]

The History Of Bedford College

Many overlook the fact that Royal Holloway’s official name is Royal Holloway and Bedford New College. Deputy Sports and Socs Editor, Michele Theil, looks into Bedford College, a more significant part of our history than most realise. Bedford College was founded by social reformer Elizabeth Jesser Reid as the first women’s university in the United […]

In Conversation with Paul Layzell

Features Editor, Yasmeen Frasso, interviewed Principal of Royal Holloway, Paul Layzell with the hopes of removing some of the mystery behind the man we all get weekly emails from.   Sitting outside of the Principal’s office you can’t help but feel you’ve done something wrong to be there. Expecting the worse, I sat waiting, nervous […]

What’s the Deal With….GM Crops?

We all know the importance of eating our 5 a day and you may even be chomping down on a salad right now. But would you feel differently if that lettuce was genetically modified? Should you even feel differently at all? First, a little GM crop history. Some of us may remember the first GM […]

The Anthropocene extinction: the first, mass loss of life caused by humanity?

By 2020, animal populations on Earth will have experienced a 67% decline, on average since records began in 1970. To put that in context, that is the equivalent of nearly 5 billion people dying by 2066, and no one being born to replace them. This is the frightening new data presented by the WWF and […]

Mental Health in the Older Generation

Bethany Gooding shares her experiences with an often neglected area of mental health. When visiting home recently I went from a house full of millennials to a house full of oldies (sorry Mum and Dad!). We were looking after my Grandad for a few days whilst my Grandma was in hospital, meaning the weekend was […]