Walking for Survivors UK

Criminology & Psychology students, Rebecca Simmons and Non Frenguelli, recently set themselves a challenge in order to raise money for Survivors UK.  So firstly, congratulations on your amazing achievement, you guys should be so proud! Rebecca: Thank you! It’s definitely a great feeling to have completed the West Highland Way and to have done it for […]

Top Tips for Fresher’s in a tweet

The new academic year is upon us and ROHO is preparing to open its doors again, which can only mean one thing – fresher’s season and more importantly Fresher’s week is upon us. Having asked students from across campus and academic years for their top tips for freshers in a tweet (no more or no […]

Reflecting on The Stanford Rape Trial

The Stanford Rape Trial (People vs. Turner) that came to a head earlier this summer sparked massive controversy when the convicted rapist, Brock Turner, was sentenced to a miniscule six month sentence. It raised many questions about rape culture in sport, as well as both racial and class biases in criminal prosecution. For those who […]

Backpacking for Less

It’s that time of year again – the end of the year has got us all dreaming about our summer holidays, prowling the low cost sites for a cheap deal. You might be looking into backpacking, that stalwart of student travel since time immemorial. People frequently backpack for months at a time, and whilst you […]

An Interview With Miss Surrey 2016

Our features editor, Yasmeen Frasso, recently spoke to Sophie King to talk about her experiences in the world of beauty pageants. Having recently been crowned as Miss Surrey 2016, 27 year old Sophie is now going to be taking part in the Miss Great Britain finals. What inspired you to run for Miss Surrey 2016? […]

Life With Poland’s Syndrome

Most people who know me will have, by now, realised that there’s something a bit different about me – I have one and a half hands. As much as I like to joke and attribute this to being the survivor of a shark attack, or having an accident with a washing machine, or even that I […]

Lessons Learnt from First Year

Whilst it seems like only a few weeks ago that we bright-eyed fresher’s moved in to RoHo’s stunning campus, first year is sadly coming to an end. It’s been a busy year and a lot has been learnt so I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts with you. On living the ‘adult life’ […]

Meet the Sabbs!

Our editors, Louise and Holly, met up with the new all-female Sabbatical team to talk about their journey so far and talk about what is to come next year.  Natasha Barrett What will you be doing? As President my role basically entitles maintaining strong and valuable relations between the SU and the university itself, I […]

Natalie Bennett’s policies, and her visit to Royal Holloway

Former journalist Natalie Bennett is the leader of the Green Party. Despite its status as a relative outsider, the party has enjoyed a spike in popularity in recent years, dispelling an alleged stereotype around the party as that of a group of environmental hippies. Bennett covered a wide range of current events in her recent […]

A Guide to Being a Fangirl

The fangirl culture is one that is definitely undermined, we all have an inner fangirl/fanboy inside of us. Whether you hate to admit it, you cannot deny that whenever your ‘fave’ uploads a new selfie on Instagram a little bit of you dies inside. Among the students at Royal Holloway, there lies a few fangirls […]