What’s the Deal With….Antibiotic Resistance?

This week marks the World Health Organisation’s ‘World Antibiotic Awareness week’, running from the 14th to the 20th of November. But why choose to have a week dedicated to these medications and why have antibiotics become such a headline grabber in recent years? The short answer is something most of us are aware of: antibiotic […]

Coming Out as a Person of Colour

The BME Network’s ‘Coming out as a person of Colour’ panel discussion event was held on the 11th of October, which was also ‘National Coming Out Day’. The panel consisted of Louisa Danquah as the BME Representative, Grace Almond (President of the Women of Colour Collective) and Sherina St John as the BME Officer of LGBT+ […]

Meet our new board member: Stephanie Bagnall

  Stephanie is a first year English and Theatre student, and our new Deputy Features Editor! She talks to our Editor, Holly Pyne, about why she joined The Orbital. Why did you choose Royal Holloway? I chose Royal Holloway because I really liked the joint honours course and being so close to London for a […]

Is student culture changing?

Returning to university as a postgraduate prompted me to reflect on my hazy undergraduate days back in 2004-2007. My most striking memories are of new friends, the novelty of living away from home and the endless reading in the library. Another lasting impression was the drinking culture. A typical day in the life of an […]

Brexit: The Effect On Us

‘Brexit’, the name given to the United Kingdom’s impending leave from the European Union, has and will continue to have effects not only economically, but socially too. When the vote to leave was announced, it became apparent that the majority of young people aged 18-24, particularly those studying at university, were disheartened by this result. […]

Life as a Disabled Student

I spoke to Grace Bilney, a third-year history student at Royal Holloway who suffers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or ME. Grace was first struck by the chronic illness, often confusingly associated with the milder Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, in 2009, after a bout of glandular fever. What started as intense knee pain soon became something far more […]

French identity: a threatened concept?

France, a country where people are made to believe in the consoling myth of equality to all citizens ‘without distinction of origin, color of skin or religion’. It is clear that terrorist attacks in France have tailored the opinions of many people both social and political, along with reviving the notion of ‘French identity’. The […]

Reporting on the Women’s Network

Giant boobs, Bra Pong, Pizza and boob-shaped cupcakes? It must be the first RHUL Women’s Network event of the year! Sarah Newell (the Women’s Officer) pulled off a marvellous ‘Safety in Numbers’ evening, allowing a platform for four very important societies; The ‘LGBT+ society’, ‘Feminism society’, ‘Women of Colour Collective’ and last but not least, […]

Question Time: A Review

Royal Holloway Question Time was held in the Windsor Auditorium on the 6th October. Organised by the Labour and Cooperative Society, the panel consisted of Richard Angell as Director of Progress, Tom Brake standing for the Liberal Democrats MP, the SU President Natasha Barrett, Claire McCarthy for General Secretary of the Cooperative Party and Michel […]

Panic and Me

Your heart is pounding. Your hands are trembling. Your head is spinning. Everything is louder, brighter and faster than it seemed a few moments ago. These are just some of the symptoms that can occur during a panic attack, yet they can come in all shapes and sizes, and no two panics are the same. […]