The Art of Doing Nothing

Michele Theil talks about ‘doing nothing’ and why it is essential and beneficial to sit back and relax sometimes. 

How can we remember the horrors of WW1? – A generation who weren’t there.

In the wake of Remembrance Day, how can we truly remember those who fought in the war?

From Pre-drinks to Paramedics

Bethan discusses the dangers of alcohol consumption after her traumatic night.

Naps: The Natural Pick-Me-Up

Laura Stoodley tells us about the perks of napping and its benefits.

Halloween, What it’s really about?

Chloe Buck tells you about the origins of Halloween.

Get Up, Get Out

Hefina Everard discusses the importance of being proactive and keeping university life fresh.

Disconnect To Reconnect

Deputy Editor Stephanie Bagnall shares some things she learnt from her break from social media.

Five Apps that are More Productive than Binging Netflix

Emma Halahan takes you through some other ways to procrastinate this term.

Making Your Relationship Survive the University Test

Deputy News Editor Shay Gray discusses how to make the secondary-to-university shift work in relationships.

The Politics Of Social Media

Victoria Chapman discusses how social media is used to engage people in current affairs and why it has become such an influence on modern day politics. A day doesn’t go by where you don’t see a disgruntled socialist complaining about Theresa May’s cutbacks, or a Conservative supporter making yet another statement about Labour’s debt and […]

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