Aries 21st March – 19th April Love: There is love to be found on the SU dance floor at midnight one Friday night Travel: It is time to go to Brighton Study: With all the excitement this month remember to keep on top of your lecture            preparation   Taurus 20th April – 20th May Love: […]

London’s most Instagrammable Dinners

Bored of Monkeys? Fed up of Curly Fries? Just generally tired of trying to think of where to go for dinner? If you want somewhere quirky with delicious food and exquisite surroundings that will have your whole social media following drooling over their phones, then look no further. Here is a list of four radical […]

Davison, Porter and you: the Fashion that shaped a century.

Archaic, grand and classic are just a few synonyms that you may use when you describe Royal Holloway’s campus. Set apart from other Universities, it has a unique majestic look that has placed Egham on the map. Our students past and present have a sartorial that is reinventing London’s West End style. For Royal Holloway […]

“Grab a coat”… you’re hitting the SU!

So will you be at the SU on Wednesday night? After all, where else will you find sticky floors and artificially blue VK’s? It is likely our Thursday lectures would thank us for a night in, yet for a single guy what better opportunity is it to flex the muscle memory of high school flirting […]

3 ways to spend Valentines day with your best friend.

Valentines day is a day when love replaces oxygen, lovers rejoice under the moonlight and all objects on the street take the form of a heart. In spite of that for some, this is a day that closely resembles the black plague. Instead of a romantic dinner with the love of your life you end […]

Valentine’s Look Book

Casual/Daytime looks Valentine’s day may not always be about evening dinner dates and cocktail dresses. Some people might prefer a casual day out, whether that’s going for a walk at Virginia water, a day out in London, or just going for lunch and some shopping. This look book is inspired but comfy, casual dress, that […]

Super-Sweet Two Step Fudge Recipe

Valentine’s day is the perfect post-Christmas excuse to eat your own body weight in sugar! Whether that’s in the form of chocolate hearts from your other half, or ploughing through a 10-person portion of Victoria sponge cake, we all break our ‘new year, new me’ nutribullet fuelled fad when it comes to the 14th of […]

Lent Lusciousness: You don’t have to go without

Lent can be a difficult time for those of us giving up some our favourite things, so I’ve collected some gorgeous recipes that will make everything a lot easier (you can thank me later, after lent with a big bar of Cadbury). Giving up chocolate is enough to test most people’s sanity, not to mention […]

Disastrous Dating: Single Girls Struggle Through Uni

“Your dating history is as smooth as Egyptian Whisky!”   A friend commented last year and although my first reaction was to throw a tumbler full of Jack Daniels in his face I chose to laugh it off, as he was completely correct. I have thought about this comment at various moments over the past […]

16 dating resolutions for 2016

16 dating resolutions for 2016 1. Put yourself out there more – don’t be afraid to make the first move! What if someone else gets there before you? 2. Don’t underestimate the importance of social networking – and I don’t mean Tinder; how do you expect to find your perfect partner if you’re constantly hiding […]