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Spotlight on: Women’s Hockey

Niamh Smith explains why university hockey is much more than your school days taught you.

Spotlight on: Humans VS Zombies

Florence Roberts explains why it is time to lock and load with Humans VS. Zombies.

Spotlight on: Insanity Radio

Jamie Woods tells us why this is the year people should be joining insanity radio.

Varsity: Archery Interview

Chloe Hill interviews RHUL’s Archery coach, Alex Cordaro, to see how the team are preparing for their first ever Varsity!

Hanging up the Racket: saying goodbye to Andy Murray

Hefina Everard talks about the legacy Andy Murray leaves as he says goodbye to tennis

Trampolining Club bounce their way to new heights in preparation for Varsity 2019

Jasmine Cox talks to the Trampolining Club’s Secretary, Olivia Tonkin, to find out about their preparation for Varsity and whether they consider themselves to be ones to watch.

Royal Holloway Men’s Football Charity Campaign

Hefina Everard talks to Jack Colman, VP of Men’s Football, about their focus on raising awareness and money for the charities, ‘Mind’ and ‘Movember’.

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