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BBC Broadcasting House Tour a hit for Media Society

A gloomy January day was no obstacle for Media Society as members and non-members enjoyed their first event of 2016: a trip to BBC Broadcasting House. Our group was eclectic, with students studying a wide range of subjects from all across Europe, and included people who hoped to work in the broadcasting industry and those […]

Society Spotlight: Vegetarian and Vegan Society

I should probably begin by saying that the author of this article (yours truly) is also the president of the titular society. Some would say this was a conflict of interest, but it’s really just plain and simple bragging about how far we’ve come since the society first became official in 2014. The Vegetarian and […]

Spotlight on: Volleyball

After a hugely successful season last year, Volleyball has gained a growing fan base. With the women’s team continuing their unstoppable winning streak, I speak to President Ludovica De Santis and Vice President Robert Batterbury to find out more. How has your year gone so far? So far the Women’s team has won nearly all […]

New kids on the block

Led by president Tristan Johnson (3rd year PPE student), and his merry wanderers, Red Cup Company has taken Royal Holloway by storm in their awesome stash throwing insane socials, SU movie nights and even hosting their own events at Egham’s finest: The Monkeys Forehead. Despite only becoming an official society last September this social enterprise […]

Christian Union plans annual Events Week for February

After a term, or more, at Royal Holloway it is very likely that you will have come across the Christian Union, and if you haven’t then you are sure to bump into them during their events week coming up in February. Voted Best Dressed at Come in Your Socs, the CU are more commonly found […]

An interview with Royal Holloway Fencing

Blades of glory?

Royal Holloway Swim Team set to climb Kilimanjaro in 2016

After winning Club of the Year 2014-15 Royal Holloway Swim Club are clearly raising the stakes at Royal Holloway – and this year is set to be no different. In July 2016, twelve members are colliding with ‘Red Cup’ to attempt to complete and reach the 6000m peak of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The trek will […]

The ABCs of a Club

If you’re thinking of joining a sport or society, there are couple of things you need to know about becoming a member. A) Initiations will be wild – Students + CIYK/CIYS = chaos. If you choose to drink, you will likely wake up with a vague memory of shots, chanting and men in lycra. You […]

Why YOU Should Become A Bear

Welcome to fresher’s week! Undoubtedly this will be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking weeks of your university life. There are so many things to be done during this week, from getting to know your flatmates to finding your way around campus and maybe even a night out or two. On top of this […]

Why join a society?

Royal Holloway has dozens of societies, ranging from the usual, such as History, to the not so usual, Humans vs. Zombies, and now is the perfect time to join up! If you’re struggling to decide whether or not to join a society, we’ve come up with 5 reasons why it would be a fabulous idea. […]