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  • Medea: a monster, a mother, or a murderer?

    ‘A bride of hate to me and death / Tigress, not woman’ (Euripides, Medea) Medea: a monster, a mother, or a...

  • Hamilton: I’m Willing To Wait For It

    Sam Davis discusses how the Broadway sensation ‘Hamilton’ is moving to the West End. Hamilton: whether you’ve been listening to the...

    ArtsSam Davis03/04/2017
  • ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’

    Georgia Beith criticises the ban of ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ Upon first inspection, the Indian Hindi film ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’...

    ArtsGeorgia Beith29/03/2017
  • Dreamgirls: A Dream Come True

    Dreamgirls, a brilliant musical that opened in October 2016 at The Savoy Theatre on the West End stars Glee’s Amber Riley...

    ArtsMichele Theil28/03/2017
  • Curtain Call: The Expense Of The West End

    Georgia Beith discusses the inflating prices of the West End theatre scene and how that negatively impacts upon students. Theatre has...

    ArtsGeorgia Beith14/03/2017
  • Coffee House Sessions: April Keen

    Beth Carr catches up with April Keen after her Coffee House Session on 6 February. April Keen brought superbly moving music...

    ArtsBeth Carr13/03/2017
  • Historical Fact or Fiction?

    Georgia Beith discusses whether historical fiction should be more accurate. A piece of historical fiction, whether that be in the form...

    ArtsGeorgia Beith06/03/2017
  • The Rise of Vinyl

    Georgia Beith discusses the recent rise in the sale of vinyl records and how it’s all part of the changing shape...

    ArtsGeorgia Beith01/02/2017
  • Netflix & Diversity

    Orbital’s Georgia Beith gets to grips with an issue bigger than Netflix and Chill: the topic of Netflix and Diversity. Netflix...

    ArtsGeorgia Beith14/12/2016
  • Carlos Acosta: from Poverty to Ballet Stardom

    “Passion meets power and precision”: Victoria Bastable explores the career of Carlos Acosta In October I was honoured to see Carlos...


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