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  • Medea: a monster, a mother, or a murderer?

    ‘A bride of hate to me and death / Tigress, not woman’ (Euripides, Medea) Medea: a monster, a mother, or a...

  • Feminism Society and the Festival of Choice celebrating International Safe Abortion Day

    *Trigger Warning: Contains mentions of rape and abuse Across the globe it remains the case even in today’s progressive society that...

    Sports and SocsCharlotte.Cole.201401/11/2016
  • Sexism and Cinema: are women disappearing from the business?

    October marked the release of ‘Suffragette’, a film directed by a woman (Sarah Gavron), written by a woman (Abi Morgan) and,...

  • Reclaiming our Suffragette History!

    At the general meeting on March 10th, a motion was passed to lobby the college to name the new library after...

    NewsSamuel Howden-Glasgow06/05/2015
  • Is this what a Feminist looks like?

    I was waiting for our FemSoc committee meeting, when the last edition of The Orbital arrived. I asked if I could read...

    CommentH Beverley26/02/2015
  • Let’s Reconsider Consent

    The ‘I Heart Consent’ campaign was a good idea but it was run in a way that I can only describe...

    CommentScott Taylor28/01/2015
  • The Bechdel Test

    What is it? The Bechdel test was first introduced in Allison Bechdel’s comic “Dykes to Watch Out For”, in a 1985...

    CommentLouisa Danquah28/01/2015
  • F*minism

    The English language has many a foul word. Most are four letters. Many we now accept in day-to-day conversation without so...

    CommentCorranne Wheeler28/01/2015
  • The Backlash Against Feminism

    There is no doubt that 2014 has been a great year for feminism (please note, before I fully begin, that I...

    CommentAbigail Jones26/11/2014
  • The New Faces of Feminism

    The 19th century saw the creation of the Seven Sisters colleges in the Unites States that provided higher education for women,...

    CommentLisa Thomas28/10/2014

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