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PC Gamer Weekender 2017 – Review

The PC Gamer Weekender has appeared once more and was something of a surprise success. The marketing for the event was ever present and something Insanity Radio 103.2FM assisted with. However, the event’s success was due in part to the large amount of games on show, as well how well it was run with different […]

Clannad: A story about family

*DISCLAIMER, HEAVY SPOILERS FOR CLANNAD VIDEO GAME AND ANIME FRANCHISE* The first thing you may notice about this video-game-turned-anime-franchise is that the word ‘Clannad’ has its origin in the Irish Gaelic word meaning “family”. This would initially surprise as most Japanese franchises are either written in one of the many Japanese alphabets or in English. […]

London Anime Game Con Feb 2017

London Anime Game Con has once again started the convention season off for me in 2017, and with a huge bang. The event was perhaps one of the best organised I have ever had the privilege to attend and, to my knowledge, the very first comic con-style event that the Orbital has had the pleasure […]

Dune: Fear is the mind-killer

Syed Ali discusses why the RTS game series Dune, despite being hugely influential in its genre, has been forgotten by even the most seasoned gamers. Perhaps due to the recent announcement of a possible rebirth of a new Dune TV series or a movie, or just simply because I love Dune (1969) the novel, I […]

Why do we love the Sims?

When conjuring up the image of a ‘gamer’, what might come to mind is someone void of human interaction, sitting in a dark room wearing a headset shooting imaginary bad guys on a screen. While this may be a familiar portrayal for some of us, there was always another kind of game which held my […]

‘Pokémon Go’ through the eyes of an ignoramus

Orbital journalist Joanne Archer tries out the Pokémon Go app that has been taking the world by storm. Growing up, I did not want to conform to gender stereotypes. I played with boys and girls toys, had a football kit and wore tutus. Amongst the Beyblades, Bionicles and Action Men, I came into the possession […]