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  • The Politics Of Social Media

    Victoria Chapman discusses how social media is used to engage people in current affairs and why it has become such an...

    LifestyleVictoria Chapman07/06/2017

    Deputy Lifestyle Editor, Elizabeth Rosenberg, discusses how our nipples are a stepping stone to gender equality. We all remember Rachel Green,...

    LifestyleElizabeth Rosenberg28/02/2017
  • Don’t be SAD

    It’s not the most light-hearted topic, but maybe that’s why it affects so many people. Depression is very common for people...

    LifestyleHannah Rogers08/02/2017
  • Exploring Egham on a budget

    You don’t need lots of money to enjoy the local area, writes Beth Carr Returning to Egham after Christmas you may...

    LifestyleBeth Carr09/01/2017
  • Stop the Free From fad

    Beth Carr on why going ‘free from’ should be a permanent choice, not a diet fad. Have you ever looked at...

    Science & GamingBeth Carr28/12/2016
  • Afternoon Delight, anyone?

    Elizabeth Rosenberg discusses a method that will relieve all of your stress.   When you tell someone you’re stressed, here’s what...

    LifestyleElizabeth Rosenberg28/11/2016
  • Pret-a-Veggie meets Ready-to-Eat-Anything-Liz

    Unfortunately Pret-a-Manger’s pop-up Veggie cafe in Soho is not called ‘Pret-a-Veggie’ but is instead simply entitled ‘Veggie Pret’. Personally I think...

    LifestyleElizabeth Rosenberg07/11/2016
  • Could you win at being Anna Wintour?

    Fashion Weeks come and go all over the world, and for the most part, the students who are interested, like myself,...

    LifestyleKerry Harrison17/09/2016
  • Running out of the junk food rut

    “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t” – Elle Woods,...

    LifestyleJessica Wright12/04/2016
  • Why ASMR will change the way you sleep

    We have all been there. Hiding at the back of a lecture, finding ourselves dozing off at the monotonous tone of...

    LifestyleJoanne Archer26/02/2016

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