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  • Could you win at being Anna Wintour?

    Fashion Weeks come and go all over the world, and for the most part, the students who are interested, like myself,...

    LifestyleKerry Harrison17/09/2016
  • Pack it in… or don’t

    A not-so definitive list of University essentials Freshers might just forget and items that should definitely be left at home. The...

    LifestyleJoanne Archer16/09/2016
  • Protest planned over alleged firing of cleaning staff

    There is a group threatening to hold a demonstration at the university, over the alleged sacking of two cleaning staff on...

    NewsPaco Tijdink11/08/2016
  • The Power of the Olympic Games 2016

    In honour of the Olympic’s opening in Rio this evening, it’s come to my attention that I may just be one...

    CommentLouise Jones05/08/2016
  • A Guide to Being a Fangirl

    The fangirl culture is one that is definitely undermined, we all have an inner fangirl/fanboy inside of us. Whether you hate...

  • Shakespeare-A-Thon

    The Shakespeare society kicked off the first week of February with the Shakespeare-A-Thon. Stationed outside the Windsor building, they braved the...

    Sports and SocsLydia Macanovic22/02/2016
  • “Grab a coat”… you’re hitting the SU!

    So will you be at the SU on Wednesday night? After all, where else will you find sticky floors and artificially...

  • So you don’t like the gym?

    Is getting in more exercise one of your resolutions for this year? Iren talks us through alternative ways to stay fit...

    FeaturesIren Kalm03/01/2016
  • An Audience with Example

    Royal Holloway’s very own Elliot Gleave revisited our campus this October to talk music, careers, inspiration, advice and of course, a...

    FeaturesImogen Trinder20/12/2015
  • Eyesore Building Developments Across Royal Holloway

    Eyesore Building developments outside the Windsor Building and the famous Founder’s Building are fully underway and taking away some of the...

    NewsAnna Robinson23/11/2015

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