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Dan Evans: An RHUL BNOC

The BNOCs (Big Names on Campus) are the people who have become either famous or categorically infamous, for a grand variety of reasons.

“Living in Penrose Court is almost as bad as being homeless”

One student’s anticipation of moving in day in September was heavily deflated when he arrived to find that he had no bathroom or kitchen facilities in his accommodation at Penrose Court, which Royal Holloway still expected him to pay rent for. The third year student, who wishes to remain anonymous, had traveled in from London […]

The Student Workshop Presents: ‘Di and Viv and Rose’.

‘A big and warm-hearted piece about female friendship’. This is how The Evening Standard describes Amelia Bullmore’s laugh out loud West End comedy ‘Di and Viv and Rose’, which completely captivated the London theatre scene earlier this year over a sadly limited five-month stint. Now, Holloway are trying their hand at bringing the easefully witty […]

SU in Campus Shop Takeover

‘The Store on Campus’ will now be under-management of The Student’s Union, with the relaunch of the new shop having taken place on 16th of September. Changing the way the shop is managed will allow the Students’ Union to present a multitude of new benefits to students, while maintaining the same level of service that […]

The Freshers Guide to University

So you’ve now been dumped by your parents in this enormous and frankly, quite picturesque campus and are now officially a student of Royal Holloway, University of London. Feels weird right? Being a Fresher will undoubtedly be the best time of your life. You are guaranteed to have masses of fun, learning curves and questionable […]

The Store – Temporary rellocation

In the wake of the new library being built, the convenient campus store will be temporarily moving. But fear not, our favourite college pit stop is not gone forever. ‘The Store’ as the on campus shop is aptly named, will be relocated near the Hub whilst the new library is being built in the area […]

Is the 45 Minute Rule a Help or a Hindrance?

Students are finding the ’45 minutes’ rule in Bedford library more of a hindrance than a help. Bedford library is aware of its popularity around exam time as a place for students to revise and write up any impending deadlines. Due to this fact the library enforced the “If you leave your space for more […]

Founders Building Architect’s Cottage To Be Demolished

The cottage of William Crossland, architect of Royal Holloway’s iconic Founders Building, is set to be demolished in order to make room to build the new library. Opponents of the demolition say that the cottage, which currently houses the Santander branch, and is situated next to the college shop and laundry, is notionally protected by […]

Anti-Tory Article by RHUL Lecturer Causes Controversy

Rebecca Roache, lecturer in Philosophy at Royal Holloway, caused controversy the day after the General Election. In her post, “If you’re a Conservative, I’m not your friend”, on the University of Oxford’s Practical Ethics blog, she writes that she unfriended those on Facebook who had liked the pages of the Conservatives or of David Cameron. […]

Socs Ball Review 2015

This year’s Socs Ball saw the glitz and glam of Holloway’s societies descend upon the Thistle hotel in style. After a classy drinks reception, complete with a jazz quartet and much posing for photos, the main event got under way. Out of the ever successful performing arts societies, Shakespeare Society emerged victorious scooping two awards; […]