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  • Medea: a monster, a mother, or a murderer?

    ‘A bride of hate to me and death / Tigress, not woman’ (Euripides, Medea) Medea: a monster, a mother, or a...

  • Celebrating medical marvels

    Medical documentaries are fascinating, informative and wide-reaching, but often toe a fine line between removing taboos around common conditions and reinforcing...

    FeaturesGrace Yeadon24/03/2017
  • The Heartbreak of Molly Hooper

    SPOILERS FOR THE LATEST SERIES OF SHERLOCK An opinion on the emotional repercussions of the Sherlock series finale. Sherlock Series Four...

    ArtsBeth Carr06/03/2017
  • Historical Fact or Fiction?

    Georgia Beith discusses whether historical fiction should be more accurate. A piece of historical fiction, whether that be in the form...

    ArtsGeorgia Beith06/03/2017
  • Doctor Who?

    Ruby Rogers discusses the decline of BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sherlock’ “Doctor who?” – the famous question, that has been asked...

  • Ho Ho Christmas Adverts

    Everyone has their favourite thing that they love about Christmas time. There is so much to choose from: the food, the...

    ArtsLaura Lawrence12/12/2016
  • Stage School Trouble

    E4’s new structured reality TV drama ‘Stage School’ has caused a lot of controversy recently. So much so that after its...

    ArtsLaura Lawrence04/11/2016
  • Review: HBO’s Westworld

    Imagine a show set in the near future in a high-tech, ultra-realistic, Wild West themed amusement park populated by artificial beings...

    ArtsGeorgia Beith27/10/2016
  • New Blood: A new concept for BBC One?

    I was introduced to New Blood by the Metro, promising a fantastic foray from Anthony Horowitz into the gritty side of...

    ArtsBeth Carr25/07/2016
  • Alumni Win Big in Award Season

    Royal Holloway alumni have been sweeping up the awards during this year’s award season. Georgina Campbell was awarded a BAFTA for...

    NewsLouise Jones07/06/2015

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