Alex Whiteman

Super Seducer

Why you should NOT play Super Seducer, by Alex Whiteman

KFConsole: The Games Console / Chicken Heater That Exists For Some Reason

A game console like no other, by Alex Whiteman

Playstation 5 Vs Xbox Series X: How Green Are They?

Which new console is better for the planet?

Animal Crossing: The Saviour of Lockdown

Alex tells us why we should be playing Animal Crossing!

Ubisoft – A “Boys Club” Rife With Sexual Harassment

Alex Whiteman writes about the allegations made against video game developer Ubisoft, and what we can do to support the victims. We reached out to Ubisoft for comment, but were not able to reach the right person.

Good Diversity in Games

Alex explores a selection of games and the diversity they include.

Esports and Accessibility; A Conversation with Royal Holloway’s Games Society

Alex discusses the esports community on campus whilst in conversation with Royal Holloway’s Game Society

Coronavirus: Staying Safe and Avoiding Misinformation

Orbital looks at what we can do to stay safe from the spread of coronavirus, not just for ourselves, but for our Royal Holloway community as well.

Note; this article is NOT a replacement for your own research. If you are truly worried, you should visit the links I have included at the end of the article, and see the research of professionals.

Our House Is On Fire; The Message of Greta Thunberg

Alex Whiteman explores the message behind Greta Thunberg’s book, ‘No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference’, and asks whether she deserves the hatred she’s received.

The Mature Student; What It’s Like To Start University In Your Twenties

Twenty-four-year-old Alex Whiteman talks with other mature students to find out what life at Royal Holloway is like when you start it in your twenties.