Anastasia Pantry

Embrace your inner Buddha

Embrace your inner Buddha   Many people carry the misconception that religious life is somewhere up there in the clouds and that our everyday life is too dull. Often people think that to be a spiritual being, we must ignore or neglect our everyday lives, and go into some spiritual realm in order to be […]

How to pack like a pro!

The orbitals guide to packing for your summer!   So most of you, who can afford it, are likely to have booked an amazing summer ‘vacay’ with friends or family now that exams are over and the sun is shining. But whether its camping in the relaxing lake district or sunning it up in St Tropez you need to […]


Aries 21st March – 19th April Love: The pool of love has run dry. Don’t worry though, your next fitty could be at the End of Term Blowout! Travel: Stress of Exams being just around the corner has hit you. Take a walk to Runnymede chicken to clear your mind. Study: Deadlines are piling up […]

Damn those VKs: handling a hangover

Hungover? Head banging? Feel sick? I have the cures! The majority of us have been hungover at some point since being at university and I bet I’m not the only one to still attempt to make a 9am lecture feeling like I’ve been hit by the alcohol train as I drank too much the night […]

Love is in the air…

Considering the fact that Valentines is fast approaching, the Lifestyle team is focusing on dating and love; as we know how hard it can be to find someone when you’re swamped with work. Therefore for this issue’s photoshoot we decided to recreate famous iconic images of love with real couples, just to prove it is […]

New kids on the block

Led by president Tristan Johnson (3rd year PPE student), and his merry wanderers, Red Cup Company has taken Royal Holloway by storm in their awesome stash throwing insane socials, SU movie nights and even hosting their own events at Egham’s finest: The Monkeys Forehead. Despite only becoming an official society last September this social enterprise […]


Aries 21st March – 19th April Love: If a relationship or prospective partner inspires you to feel adventurous and free, time to move full steam ahead! You want the romance to be varied, think of ways to mix it up this month. Travel: This is a great time to network and you may meet some […]

Mademoiselle Privé

“You don’t need to be No. 1 when you wear Chanel No.5” For those interested in Arts, Fashion or for those who simply enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a peaceful gallery, the Saatchi Gallery is the perfect place and just a train ride away. Opened in 1985 by Charles Saatchi to house and exhibit, to […]

You’ll be tongue “Thai-d”

Thailand is one of the many places that people regard as a massive tourist attraction but it isn’t. You have to dive deep into the culture to truly experience its beauty and not just settle for seeing the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Yes, you can swim in the warm Gulf of Thailand and eat […]