Bethany Gooding

Black Panther

Beth Gooding discusses Marvel’s newest film, Black Panther and its importance in the entertainment industry.

How important is it to be titled the ‘Most Beautiful Campus in the UK’?

Beth Gooding discusses Royal Holloway’s title as the ‘Most Beautiful Campus in the UK’ and how important this really is.

To Kill a Mockingbird: Necessary Discomfort

Beth Gooding discusses the recent banning of To Kill a Mockingbird in from the curriculum of an American school

Hashtag Solidarity

Beth Gooding considers social media’s reaction to the recent sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

The Ballot Box Advantage

Beth Gooding discusses the generational imbalance in voting.

Beauty Comes in All Shades

For decades the beauty industry has received criticism for being overwhelmingly white, neglecting to provide for a diverse range of skin colours. In the 1940s there were makeup lines for black women but they focused on using products to lighten skin which were cunningly presented as being blemish creams. Moving to 1975, an article was […]

A Hot Christmas

Beth  Gooding shares what it is like to have a hot Christmas. The time is finally here, the run up to Christmas has begun. We will now spend the next few weeks hoping and praying for snow on Christmas Day to bring that extra bit of magic to our holiday. Whether it snows or not, we […]

Mental Health in the Older Generation

Bethany Gooding shares her experiences with an often neglected area of mental health. When visiting home recently I went from a house full of millennials to a house full of oldies (sorry Mum and Dad!). We were looking after my Grandad for a few days whilst my Grandma was in hospital, meaning the weekend was […]

Top 5 Things to Do in London This Halloween

Fancy a change from the typical RoHo fancy-dress flat parties this year? Fed up of spending Halloween in a semi-drunk state with fake blood running down your face? Why not hop on the 40 minute train from Egham and celebrate Halloween in true London style this October. 1. If you joined the craze and binge-watched […]