Bridget OSullivan

BGT is an Insult to Black Art

Elizabeth Ajao talks about how Britain’s Got Talent doesn’t provide an accepting space for black artistry.

Ireland’s Dangerous Disregard for ‘Otherness’ and Diversity

Bridget shares her experience of Ireland’s reaction to “otherness”.

#InstaVsReality – Helpful or Harmful?

Izzy Smith takes a look at the #instavsreality trend and its effect on body positivity.

The Teen Drama Genre: Normal or Abnormal People?

Bridget comments on some teen dramas to get through lockdown.

Eating Disorders in COVID Times

Bridget discusses the issue of eating disorders through lockdown.

The Cuts of Life

Comment Editor Bridget O’Sullivan reflects on life and lockdown, and how to embrace mediocrity.

As Things Stand

Bridget O’Sullivan shares her experiences trying to be a better global citizen.

The Seven Stages of Christmas Recovery

As the new term starts, Bridget O’Sullivan discusses the difficulties of the post-Christmas blues.

December Dalliances

Bridget O’Sullivan explains why you shouldn’t let the Holiday Blues get you down this festive season.


Bridget O’Sullivan explores the pressures of trying to make your mark as a Fresher at Royal Holloway University.