Eva Townsend Bilton

6 Summer-y Books to Read, Iced Latte in Hand

With exams and deadlines finally over and a summer that, thanks to climate change, promises to at least be warm, it’s finally time to pick up a book (go on, put the phone down) and head out into the sun. Here are six gorgeous reads to match that summer vibe: The Offing by Benjamin Myers […]


It’s the epiphany in the apple bites bright and gleaming honey-lemon salt— we have always felt this, born diluted, born wanting— watch the moon climb into the sky and kiss her lover goodnight while we melt down to nothing, fingers sunk into dark earth sleep pressing us to forget— trees blaze on the hilltops outlining […]

What’s So Bad About Bootlegs?

When it comes to bootleg musicals, conflicting opinions abound. Sure, they’re technically illegal, but isn’t it a victimless crime? Or are they doing damage to the art that writers, actors, and many more have put painstaking effort into creating? Do they wrongly cheapen what should be a top-drawer experience, or do they better the theatre […]


in all our fantasies of tragedy it never went like this; slowly stagnating in one shared breath ten year atrophy skin growing cold; we called it quits three years ago; the moon laughed at us in our train station gloom; now wrenched into rebirth every six months via text; sunday 6:00 pm scrambling over each […]


Beneath the moon, beneath Barbara’s stern love the fog is coming back. It cries I’m not a bird anymore, footnote in mid-air  which is to say I loathe you, and I don’t think I can stop – you like running your nails over the skin of your face? stripping the sludge from your pores? scratch […]


The monster under my bed does not stay      under my bed. It lurks in the space between our shoulders on the sofa and the seconds it takes to send a text, and the electrons that repel your fingers from my face. The monster under my bed is not a monster it’s a girl who’s […]

From Gilmore Girls to Ginny & Georgia: The Rise of the ‘Sexy’ Teen

It hasn’t escaped the notice of viewers that on-screen sex scenes are becoming more and more frequent. As we move ever further from the Hays Code censorship, officially ending in ‘68, chaste kisses and prudish cutaways have become a thing of the past, a relic of the twentieth century. But it’s in films and television […]

Everything You Need to Know About the 64th GRAMMY Awards

It’s awards season again! Those whose Spotify Wrapped lists were graced with the likes of Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, and Olivia Rodrigo may already know a bit about the nominees for the 64th GRAMMY Awards. But if that’s not you, never fear: here is everything you need to know (more or less) […]

The Man Who Reinvented the Musical: A Note on Stephen Sondheim

Perhaps the most renowned musical theatre composer and lyricist of the 20th century passed away on the 26th November, aged ninety-one. Stephen Sondheim began his career writing the lyrics to West Side Story (1975) – recently adapted by Spielberg into a dazzling Hollywood movie starring Rachel Zelger and Ansel Elgort – and went on to […]

6 Cosy Books to Curl Up with this Winter

Sure, the Christmas break normally brings with it a whole host of terrifying deadlines, but as the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, might we all be tempted escape the uni work and curl up with a steaming mug of tea (or, more realistically, a quadruple-espresso) and a damn good book? Here are […]