Grace Yeadon

Celebrating medical marvels

Medical documentaries are fascinating, informative and wide-reaching, but often toe a fine line between removing taboos around common conditions and reinforcing them. Programmes like ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ tread this line very carefully, encouraging public discussion around a wide variety of conditions and the removal of any associated embarrassment.  There is no denying that increased awareness is […]

Astronomy: More than just pretty desktop backgrounds

The vast majority of us have looked up at the night sky before and admired the twinkling stars above or maybe noticed that the moon is looking particularly bright today. You may have taken a picture with a smart phone, a digital camera or been fortunate enough to have access to a telescope to have […]

What’s the Deal With…tardigrades?

Launching our Science & Gaming section, Grace Yeadon asks what’s the deal with tardigrades?

What’s the Deal With…Zealandia?

Continental drift has altered the surface of our planet for millions of years, giving rise to various conglomerations of crust like Laurasia and Gondwana, and the daddy of them all, Pangaea. Talk of alternative continents to the geological masses we recognise today has mostly been confined to looking backwards in time – until now. A […]

What’s the deal with…coral bleaching?

The news broke earlier this week that a new coral reef system was discovered at the mouth of the Amazon River last year, appropriately named the Amazon Reef. The 9,500km² ecosystem was a surprise discovery to researchers when it was found off the coasts of French Guiana and Brazil, and an important one. 2016 was […]

Love in a test tube?

As the 14th of February approaches once again, the population seems to fall into three categories: those that embrace the sentimentality and romantic significance of the day, those that ignore the occasion completely, or those that wish the nauseating selection of sickly-sweet cards, red rose bouquets and heart-shaped novelties were thrown into an industrial shredder. […]

What’s the Deal With…three-person babies?

Thought your family was complicated? Try having three parents. The news broke this week that a woman in the Ukraine gave birth to a healthy baby girl conceived using the genetic information from three people. This novel IVF technique was recently approved for medical use in the UK, but how can this all be possible […]

What’s the Deal With….GM Crops?

We all know the importance of eating our 5 a day and you may even be chomping down on a salad right now. But would you feel differently if that lettuce was genetically modified? Should you even feel differently at all? First, a little GM crop history. Some of us may remember the first GM […]

The Anthropocene extinction: the first, mass loss of life caused by humanity?

By 2020, animal populations on Earth will have experienced a 67% decline, on average since records began in 1970. To put that in context, that is the equivalent of nearly 5 billion people dying by 2066, and no one being born to replace them. This is the frightening new data presented by the WWF and […]

What’s the Deal With….Antibiotic Resistance?

This week marks the World Health Organisation’s ‘World Antibiotic Awareness week’, running from the 14th to the 20th of November. But why choose to have a week dedicated to these medications and why have antibiotics become such a headline grabber in recent years? The short answer is something most of us are aware of: antibiotic […]