Hannah Sayer

An Interview with Writer-Director of Insidious 3, Leigh Whannell

With his fellow collaborator on the Saw franchise and Insidious films James Wan busy directing Fast and Furious 7, Leigh Whannell has taken over the helm with his directorial debut Insidious 3. In the form of a prequel, this impressive next step in the franchise focuses on the demonic interest on a teenage girl after […]

The Vote

The Vote is a groundbreaking new play by James Graham which covers the final ninety minutes before the polls close in this year’s general election. Dame Judi Dench, Mark Gatiss and Catherine Tate are among the ensemble cast of fifty actors who have been brought together to star in the production which is set in […]

BAFTA, Backstage- An Exclusive Exhibition

With both a passion for film and photography, I was excited to get tickets to a free exhibition at the BAFTA Headquarters in London showcasing the best work of eight talented photographers who are well known for capturing the BAFTAs throughout the years. This was a rare opportunity to see behind-the scenes of one of […]

Cheap Theatre- a How-to!

Theatre in London is becoming more accessible for students on a budget and cheap tickets can even be purchased on the day of performances. The TKTS booth in Leicester Square sells tickets for many popular West End shows on the day with special deals and half price discounts. Another option is to go to the […]