Izzy Swanson

Interview with Marshea Makosa, President of Comedy Society

Izzy Swanson talks to the president of Comedy Society, Marshea Makosa, about their plans for the upcoming year and how to get involved.

President Celebrity

With rumours surrounding Oprah and Dwane Johnson’s potential Presidential nominations for 2020 running wild, Izzy Swanson asks if America really needs another celebrity president?

Fox Hunting: A Thing of the Past or the Future?

Izzy Swanson discusses why this activity is back on the political agenda. With the current political climate, I doubt that you were thinking about fox hunting a couple of weeks ago when you were deciding who to vote for in the general election. But now that Theresa May has revealed that she is continuing the […]

‘Warning Explicit Content’: Is Censorship Needed in the Music Industry?

Censorship is a hotly contested issue and one with a long history of misuse and authoritarian control, but does it still have a place in a 21st century society? Izzy Swanson and Natasha Phillips debate the need for censorship in music. Izzy: against censorship  A quarter of the current top 40 singles on the official UK music […]

Does Marching Make a Difference?

Isabel Swanson on why political activism of any scale, can make a difference. Since January, millions of people have taken part in protests centred around the new US president, a man who has come to represent a dangerous threat to human rights, equality and social justice, not just in his own country but across the […]

Bring It On MTS.

There is no doubt that the Musical Theatre Society had a busy 2016; last term’s production of ‘Bring It On’ received rave reviews and this success was emulated by the success of their Christmas Concert, with a record number of participants and audience members. And this year, they’re showing no signs of slowing down. First […]

If You Didn’t Take a Picture, Did It Really Happen?

Be honest. How many photos have you taken or posted online today? Did you upload a photo of you and your friends from last night on Facebook? Instagram a photo of your lunch? Post yet another photo of Founders on your Snapchat story? According to photographer Paul Strand, “your photography is a record of your […]

What did the Conservative Party Conference tell us about our future?

The question over who lives in the White House for the next four years is dominating the news, and the decision is firmly placed in the hands of American citizens. So it can feel odd for us here in the UK: we changed our Prime Minister three months ago, without the public casting a single […]