Jasmine Cox

Diversity in YA Literature

Jasmine Cox discusses the representation of diversity and the LGBTQ+ community in some of the most popular and current YA books of the past year.

Trampolining Club bounce their way to new heights in preparation for Varsity 2019

Jasmine Cox talks to the Trampolining Club’s Secretary, Olivia Tonkin, to find out about their preparation for Varsity and whether they consider themselves to be ones to watch.

Why are the women of Brazil so divided on Bolsonaro?

Jasmine Cox discusses the relationship between the fear of crime and women in the light of Jair Bolsonaro’s recent Presidential election.

Safety of Student Data

Jasmine Cox questions whether our data is safe in the hands of universities.

Will Britain remain Green?

Orbital’s politics columnist, Jasmine Cox, reflects on the prime minister’s hopes for a ‘Green Brexit’.

Jasmine Cox on Homelessness in Windsor: How the Conservatives are Getting It Wrong

Orbital’s Jasmine Cox discusses Simon Dudley’s comments about antisocial behaviour in Windsor and how the wider issue of homelessness is being dealt with.