Jessica Copeland

Hycean Worlds: A Possible New Frontier in the Search for Life Beyond Earth

The search for extraterrestrial life has conventionally been focused on Earth-like exoplanets —  terrestrial planets orbiting within the habitable zone of their host stars. This method is based on the premise that as life has risen in Earth’s conditions, somewhere with similar conditions could also give rise to life. As such, various exoplanet surveys over […]

The Death of the Kepler Satellite

The Kepler satellite was shut down last week, having operated for 5 years longer than its mission brief. During its lifetime it detected more than 2,500 exoplanets with another 3000 candidates awaiting confirmation, and it will have a profound legacy.

Heavens Above

A look ahead at some of the exciting things visible in the night sky in the first part of the New Year.

International Dark Matter Day

Jessica Copeland describes International Dark Matter Day 2017, celebrated by Royal Holloway’s Physics Department, and the theories behind Dark Matter.