Jessica Wood

An Ode to Domino’s

Pizza is the love language of people all around the world; I’ll continue to endorse this until my lactose intolerance wins its ongoing battle for my attention. It is an incredibly versatile comfort food, from the variety of toppings to the versatile uses. Hangovers, date nights, cram nights or simply in need of a trusted […]

Defining Class

Defining Class: is it about what you earn or how you act?  By Jessica Wood Society is ordered; people, places and possessions are constantly being put into boxes. Have you ever seen a movie and not had the desire to place it into a genre? It is a human instinct to name and sort things, […]

Stop the Sex Stigma

Sex is not an entry requirement for uni; there is no ‘please achieve ABB in your subjects… plus you must’ve lost your virginity’, so why are people made to feel like they are failing if they have not experienced it? They are made to feel abnormal if they are not prepared to hook up with […]

Are cinemas going extinct? A Post-Covid Review

Stale popcorn and half-working escalators, overpriced, too-watery coke and the blue raspberry (what even is that?) slushy that comes with a funny shaped, reusable plastic cup that will sit on your windowsill for months, never to be used again — there’s nothing quite like the cinema. The first public performance of a film was in […]

The Benefits of Working as a Full-time Student: Undergrad 2021 Edition

Working whilst studying has become increasingly popular over the years, with almost all of my student friends having a part time job alongside their full-time degree. In fact, research has shown that over half the student population work to subsidise their studies. I could begin by arguing semantics and my standpoint on the increase of […]