Jordan Thorne

LGBTQ, Across the World

An emotional discussion of LGBTQ+, by Rida Haider

Are Plants More Human Than We Know?

The similarities between plants and humans, by Natalie Burnett

Two short poems: Her name is anxiety and… Nathaniel

By Hannah Armour

Narcissism and Gaslighting: Love Shouldn’t Feel Like This

Hidden signs of abuse in relationships, by Harriet Hallam

Marsha P. Johnson and the Stonewall Riots

Johnson’s LGBTQ+ activism, by Emily Downie

My hair is none of your concern

A discussion about society’s reactions to Black hair, by Elizabeth Ajao

Captain Tom, “Perseverance Porn” and Journalistic Responsibility

An exploration of what the death of Captain Sir Thomas Moore has highlighted, by Joshua Butler

February 2021 Issue: LGBTQ+ History Month

Online Theatre – Shows to watch during lockdown

How to get your theatre fix during lockdown, by Seb Gardiner

Royal Holloway’s Partial Accommodation Refunds

What Royal Holloway have done so far to help students during lockdown, by Jordan Thorne