Kianna Best

Mummy, Daddy, I’m a star!

It’s undeniable that in any industry, who you know is the ultimate foot in the door. The film industry takes the cake. With opportunities passed through word of mouth, and swanky soirée conversations becoming the new elevator pitch, is it really about working harder or smarter? Looking to break into the film industry is proving […]

The Remake Rotation : Why Hollywood Hopped on the Remake, Reboot and Reimagination Roundabout

Does anyone ever crave that feeling of seeing a movie for the first time? Crave the moment when you first plonk down into the seat that will hold you captive for the next two hours, snacks in hand and drink secured next to you? Ever want to feel that undeniable anticipation of watching the plot […]

Say his name: how Candyman’s sharp social commentary exposes the horrors of reality 

Nowhere near as sweet as he sounds, the urban legend of Candyman is rooted in the bitter realities of racism at the hands of white supremacy, birthing a monster and personifying the terrors of oppression. Arguably ahead of its time, the origins of the frightful hook handed menace stem from the realities of a history […]