Laura Lawrence

Ho Ho Christmas Adverts

Everyone has their favourite thing that they love about Christmas time. There is so much to choose from: the food, the films and the presents! However the thing that finally makes it feel like Christmas for me is the much anticipated Christmas commercials. So here are just a few of my favourites this year: ‘Santa […]

Stage School Trouble

E4’s new structured reality TV drama ‘Stage School’ has caused a lot of controversy recently. So much so that after its very first episode a petition to have the show taken off air arose online. The argument is that the show is an utter misrepresentation of what stage school is actually like. Orbital spoke to […]

No More iPlayer

Over the past few years the BBC has seen major changes to its organisation. These changes have included the proposed closure of BBC Three, the shutting down of the BBC Trust, the appointment of the National Audit Office as its financial auditor and a whole new board put in charge of the company. In addition […]

Harry Potter and The Fight for Tickets

This month saw the release of the long awaited Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre tickets which opens in the summer of 2016. It is safe to say that the fight for tickets was not a pleasant experience for many fans as thousands attempt to secure their place at the show. For the smart […]

Christian Union Acoustic Night

The Christian Union hosted a love-based acoustic night in Stumble Out.

It’s All About The Waistline

It’s All About The Waistline Last month saw the release of Disney’s new live-action re-telling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella. Kenneth Branagh’s masterpiece has obviously been a success making over $70 million on its opening weekend. However the film has already sparked controversy among the parents of its target audience due to Lily James’ […]