Laura Denham

All My Sons at the Richmond Theatre – Review

On Saturday 4th April, a friend and I went to see Arthur Miller’s All My Sons at the Richmond Theatre. It is currently on tour (until 25th April), and is a Talawa Theatre Company production – the Talawa Theatre Company is a UK-based black company, Talawa meaning ‘small but mighty’ in Jamaican patois. All My […]

Book Review: Isaac Asimov, Foundation Series

So its revision season. You haven’t got time to read for pleasure and even if you did, do you want to get into a new book? And which one?! This was my line of reasoning, but then the revision comes and you realise you should take a break, and how better than to just sit […]

BFI Flare

The BFI LGBT film festival, dubbed ‘Flare’, was held between the 19-29th of March and played host to the years best crop of LGBT films as well as special revival screenings and events. During this flamboyant 10 days we attended 2 of the marquee events, a screening of the much celebrated new French film ‘Girlhood’ […]

Not sure who to vote for? Here are the party policies

2015 General Election: Here are the party policies:

Love Knows No Distance

What was your role in the event? As President of the History Society, I was one of the primary organisers of the event and had to make sure all of the collaborators knew what was going on and were happy with everything. I was also involved in deciding what letters and poems were involved in […]

SHAG Week: Abortion Rights in the UK

With free access to abortion in the UK, there is really nothing to fight for when it comes to reproductive rights. Except this is not really the case. In Northern Ireland abortion is illegal even in the case of rape, incest or if the foetus has no chance of survival. Women are left by our […]

‘Sexting’: Unashamed and Confident

After the hacking of many celebrities’ nude photos, the issue of ‘sexting’ and explicit photos became a discussion topic once more. Celebrities from all spheres were affected by the hacking, including Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna, with the photos being posted on the website 4chan. ‘Sexting’ is the act of sending sexually explicit photos, messages or […]

GM Two: ‘I don’t really know what happened, but I’m sure it went well.’

Nothing to declare at the start of this GM, beginning just about 6:30pm, as Chair, Gillian Craig, highlights the presence of a Poppy Appeal box at Tommy’s Bar, and of Maths Soc representatives making cubes for charity at the back of the hall, encouraging us to go and donate to both if we can. When […]

Clubs & Societies reminded to adhere to NUS Alcohol Awareness Policy

Royal Holloway’s recently revised Alcohol Awareness Policy has been causing controversy at the beginning of the new academic year amongst societies and clubs on campus. The Orbital has been informed that a certain society , not affliated with the Students’ Union, has been called in to speak to the College, to remind them that committees […]

The Mona Lisa Re-born?

It’s a miracle like no other. The Student’s Union of Royal Holloway has seen a truly remarkable rebirth. It’s the return of the Mona Lisa, widely criticised to have a smile so true to life it’s almost as if you only had to step into a room and grin at yourself in the mirror to […]