Lucy Thomas

Securing An Internship

The end of term two is fast approaching, and many of us will be searching for those summer internships. Here are a few top tips to help you along the way: • Check you are well-suited for the internships you apply for and carefully consider whether you meet their requirements. • Use LinkedIn the professional […]


Absolute Harmony’s very own acapella festival has now become a yearly tradition. The aim was simple: five days of acapella related entertainment. Acapalooza commenced on January 25th with a very successful open rehearsal followed by lip sync battles in Medicine, which had a record number of students in attendance. The following day there was a viewing of Pitch Perfect 2, where snacks were […]

Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism It’s a new year and many of us are making the usual resolutions: eat healthier, drink less, be more organised, and so on. But how about entering a new year, a new term as an effective altruist? What is effective altruism? ‘A philosophy and social movement which applies evidence and reason to determining […]

Number 1 Safest Place to be a Student?

Following the ‘Crime Rate Doubles in Englefield Green’ (written by Orbital Journalist Hannah Foord) article which gave us worrying statistics of increasing crime levels in the area, more incidents have occurred. There was a continual stream of criminal acts leading up to the Christmas months and end of term. Rather worryingly many of these incidents […]

Collision on Egham Roundabout

A collision occurred yesterday, Friday the 15th of January, at around 3:15 PM on the Prezzo roundabout in Egham. Driving past the scene at 3:35 PM, three cars and one bicycle remained on the roundabout, indicating they were either involved in the collision, or at least, witnesses of the incident. Three police cars and one […]

Is Your Room the Window to Your Soul?

As room inspectors’ voices echo through the corridors of campus accommodation, many of us scramble around in an attempt to make our domains ‘respectable’. The ineptly placed clothing and paperwork seen in some student’s rooms, seemed to trigger an unhappy response in some Housekeepers. Bedrooms are such a personal space, with no two the same […]

Puppy Therapy

Monday morning moods- we all get them. However, on the 26th of October a huge number of Royal Holloway students had a sudden burst of energy, converting their Monday morning traipsing to lectures, into a brisk power walk heading in the direction of the SU. In the name of what? Puppy therapy sessions! There were […]