Max Fleming

Mummy’s Boys

What really defines a Mummy’s Boy? Reluctantly independent? Stupidly stubborn? The fact that mummy’s opinion trumps everything else? Can these qualities define YOU? The connection between mothers and their sons is possibly the strongest bond there is. So why aren’t all boys Mummy’s Boys? The answer changes from person to person, but the one element […]

The Deafening Sound of Shattered Glass

A single crack would never sound  As loud as the others. Drowned  Out by the silent pain Oblivious until it happens again. Forced to face  The ever-growing pace Of the incoming fractures Caused by the human manufactures  Of the heart Would one ever restart  The journey that started the shattering  Filled with constant flattering Or […]

Overlapping Pillows

Mines thinner and softer Yours fuller and plusher Overlapping on the sides Making the perfect pillow mix To rest our heads As we hold each other In the dark silence  Hot under the covers  Laying in each other’s jumpers Unnecessarily warm but So necessarily comforted  Our breath meets On the perfect pillow blend Twirling and […]

Made out to be the villain for so long I’ve grown horns

I treat everyone fair But they don’t care About me Only them Only their heart Not mine Which grows  Darker Day by day Searching for another To replace it Its black vile Like an infected Coat of armour  Covering the red The pink love Which is rapidly turning  Black No light can  Enter  No light […]

It’s great to be famous

It’s great to be famous, Or so it seems. “Hi how are you?” “Aren’t you” Yes. Yes, I am. “Nice to meet you” “Do you know” Yes. Yes, I do. “My name’s” “Didn’t you and” No. That we never did. It never got to that point. Photo by Fardad sepandar on Unsplash

I let one go to catch another, but that one left too.

I’ve searched for too long To find someone like you But when I finally find you You scamper away I’ve only just put myself back together from that last Shattering. My heart, Left in a thousand pieces. And now, Again. A thousand and one. And so the number grows. When will it get smaller? Please […]

I just wanted to love You

To my friend, Please don’t be angry with me. I tried my best to love, But I am still too broken to work I wanted nothing more Than to be all yours and yours only To stand next to you  And for you to call me yours, but I don’t belong to myself And so […]

Hold me / An Ode to the Boy I loved

How perfect you were For me to be yours All accept your Love for me. For there was none. None that I could see, In your glistening brown eyes Darker than the oak trees. Your beautiful soft hair, So boringly brown. Yet, utterly perfect. I may not be yours But I certainly was For that […]


I tie the band and Pick up the needle. It’s cold metal digs deep Into my flesh, The icy poison seeps Into my bones. Filling me with false hope, False love. But I can’t take the band off For you wrapped it too tight  Around my heart, And left with the needle Still digging into […]

Chest Pains

You bring me Hope You bring me Joy But you bring me Pain. A Pain so great It’s like an anvil An immovable object Taking its retirement On my chest You can’t see It But I can definitely feel It Weighing down on me It’s so easy for You To take off But impossible For […]