Thomas Vaughan

A Super-cycle Highway to Hell?

The Mayor’s new East-West cycle ‘Superhighway’ is heralded as a safety Shangri-La for cyclists. But what will this mean for the rest of London not on two wheels?

Trust: On Sale for $1.3 million

The United Nations. An organisation forged in the furnace of pacifistic desperation, in the spirit of multi-national cooperation and with a beating poverty-reducing heart at the centre of a body of good will. Ruined. By the greed of one man. John Ashe, 61, from the small 281km squared island of Antigua in the Caribbean was […]

The Breath of Fresh Air with the Beard In Charge of Labour

Why should we love Jeremy Corbyn? Why should this man, this beard and beige adorning, allotment attending man, be greeted with our adoration? To answer this, we should examine the political sphere currently in place. A growing resentment towards politicians resonates amongst nearly all of us, and why? Despite strong words, big gestures and emphatic […]

How Not To Do Freshers Week

This is not an article that will detail that fine delicate balance between the cliché extremes of ‘working hard and having fun’, for several reasons. Those sorts of articles are patronising, unenlightening, and generally written by people who frankly know how to do neither. Instead, I will impart a few quick recommendations regarding what not […]

History Is A Theatre

History Is A Theatre I read an article that made me angry. It read ‘Germany owes Greece 279 Billion Euros for the war’. This article made me angry because it involves Germany in a morality scandal-a scandal that Germany has negated their moral duty to Greece to repay costs and damages incurred in Greece during […]

Founder’s Legacy

Founder’s building of Royal Holloway is beautiful. Its majesty excites the fortunate onlooker. This building is of the rare breed of sights that exceeds the aesthetics of its respective Google Image results. The students that scurry around its many levels of incalculable beauty bring it to life, such as oxygen does to the lungs, you […]

Landfill of the Soul

An instruction from the accommodation services details the meticulous levels of cleanliness I have to achieve by 10 am on the day of departure. It is as I undergo this next stage of sanitising my frankly depraved living conditions, emptying the contents of my small bin, that a realisation struck me; my entire academic term […]