Yasmeen Frasso

Boycotting The NSS

Features Editor, Yasmeen, interviews Non – one of the organisers of the NSS Boycott on campus. So, obviously the main question we have for you is why are you boycotting the National Student Survey (NSS)? Well we’re boycotting the NSS because it’s instrumental to fee increases in coming years. This is because the results from […]

Campaigning to end homelessness, an interview with Rebecca Wilson

Yasmeen catches up with Rebecca Wilson, President of English PEN at RoHo, and the organiser of the amazingly successful Big Sleepout last month.   Rebecca, firstly congratulations for the result of the Big Sleepout, you began with the target of only £500 and now you’ve raised over £2,000. Did you expect the result to be […]

CoppaFeel! This Valentine’s Day

Features Editor, Yasmeen, interviews the Asha and Francesca of the Royal Holloway Uni Boob Team about something everybody should be doing this Valentines Day and every other day of the year. Everybody likes boobs. Let’s face it. Whether you’re a proud owner of a pair or not, boobs are pretty cool. Have I caught your […]

Swipe Right For Love

This Valentines Day, Yasmeen Frasso discusses the use of dating apps. Dating has always been a curious thing; since the days where Victorian women would be sought after and courted by a suitor (think Jane Austen) not much has really changed. You seek out a potential partner, work up the courage to ask them out […]

Talking about Domestic Abuse

Features Editor, Yasmeen Frasso, interviews Royal Holloway alumna, Nens Corran. During her time at Royal Holloway, Nens studied History (BA Hons). After graduating with a 1st, she went on to join the Met Police, now working as a Temporary Detective Inspector in a unit focused on Domestic Abuse.   You’ve had quite a diverse experience […]

In Conversation with Paul Layzell

Features Editor, Yasmeen Frasso, interviewed Principal of Royal Holloway, Paul Layzell with the hopes of removing some of the mystery behind the man we all get weekly emails from.   Sitting outside of the Principal’s office you can’t help but feel you’ve done something wrong to be there. Expecting the worse, I sat waiting, nervous […]

What We Know; Arson attempt in Founder’s Building

UPDATE 15:11 PM 2nd December – Royal Holloway’s student intranet has posted an official statement stating that the college are currently working with Surrey Police and the Surrey Fire Investigation Service to investigate last nights fire. They thanked the Security team, Surreys Fire and Rescue Services and Surrey Police and students and staff for co-operating. They state […]

Walking for Survivors UK

Criminology & Psychology students, Rebecca Simmons and Non Frenguelli, recently set themselves a challenge in order to raise money for Survivors UK.  So firstly, congratulations on your amazing achievement, you guys should be so proud! Rebecca: Thank you! It’s definitely a great feeling to have completed the West Highland Way and to have done it for […]

Reflecting on The Stanford Rape Trial

The Stanford Rape Trial (People vs. Turner) that came to a head earlier this summer sparked massive controversy when the convicted rapist, Brock Turner, was sentenced to a miniscule six month sentence. It raised many questions about rape culture in sport, as well as both racial and class biases in criminal prosecution. For those who […]

The 2016 Student Media Summit

This week saw the ninth annual Student Media Summit return to London. Hosted by the NUS and Amnesty International UK, the two-day Summit aims to educate and develop the skills of students involved in media and those wanting to pursue it in the future. Features editor, Yasmeen Frasso, talks about her experience. Walking down New […]