The Emphasis On Drinking During Freshers’ Week

With COVID-19 restrictions lifted and a gradual return to normality, Freshers’ Week will be going ahead as planned. While some will be enjoying the social opportunities that the legendary week has to offer, others might have a less than satisfactory experience; especially when we consider the pressure being placed upon students to consume excessive amounts […]

The question of “civilization”

By Thom Cuffin-Munday

There’s Something About Diana

By Bridget O’Sullivan

Voter IDs will only damage U.K. Democracy

By Finn Murphy

Sex in the Grey Area

By Elizabeth Ajao

The Cancer in K-pop

Trigger warning: mentions of abuse and suicide What comes to mind when you think of Korean popular music or as most of us know it, K-pop? Intricate choreographies, Stan Twitter, dedicated fandoms, BTS? Not that long ago, I would have rattled off a similarly vague list. But now, after researching the industry, my list looks […]

Commercial (Oops, I mean Valentine’s) Day

Valentine’s commercialisation of love, by Bridget O’Sullivan

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